The Sixth Linguistic Annotation Workshop

Workshop PROGRAM

Thursday, July 12, 2012

8:45–9:00Opening Remarks
 Invited talk
9:00–9:35The Role of Linguistic Models and Language Annotation in Feature Selection for Machine Learning
James Pustejovsky
 Special Session: The LAW Challenge
9:35–9:40Presentation of LAW Challenge Award
9:40–10:05Who Did What to Whom? A Contrastive Study of Syntacto-Semantic Dependencies
Angelina Ivanova, Stephan Oepen, Lilja Øvrelid and Dan Flickinger
10:05–10:30Prague Markup Language Framework
Jirka Hana and Jan Štěpánek
10:30–11:00Morning coffee break
 Paper Session 1
11:00–11:25 Exploiting naive vs expert discourse annotations: an experiment using lexical cohesion to predict Elaboration / Entity-Elaboration confusions
Clémentine Adam and Marianne Vergez-Couret
11:25–11:50 Pair Annotation: Adaption of Pair Programming to Corpus Annotation
Isin Demirsahin, Ihsan Yalcinkaya and Deniz Zeyrek
11:50–12:15 Structured Named Entities in two distinct press corpora: Contemporary Broadcast News and Old Newspapers
Sophie Rosset, Cyril Grouin, Karën Fort, Olivier Galibert, Juliette Kahn and Pierre Zweigenbaum
12:15–12:40 Intra-Chunk Dependency Annotation : Expanding Hindi Inter-Chunk Annotated Treebank
Prudhvi Kosaraju, Bharat Ram Ambati, Samar Husain, Dipti Misra Sharma and Rajeev Sangal
 Paper Session 2
14:15–14:40 A Model for Linguistic Resource Description
Nancy Ide and Keith Suderman
14:40–15:05 A GrAF-compliant Indonesian Speech Recognition Web Service on the Language Grid for Transcription Crowdsourcing
Bayu Distiawan and Ruli Manurung
15:05–15:30 Towards Adaptation of Linguistic Annotations to Scholarly Annotation Formalisms on the Semantic Web
Karin Verspoor and Kevin Livingston
15:30–16:00Afternoon coffee break
 Paper Session 3
16:00–16:25 Intonosyntactic Data Structures: The Rhapsodie Treebank of Spoken French
Kim Gerdes, Sylvain Kahane, Anne Lacheret, Paola Pietandrea and Arthur Truong
16:25–16:50 Annotation Schemes to Encode Domain Knowledge in Medical Narratives
Wilson McCoy, Cecilia Ovesdotter Alm, Cara Calvelli, Rui Li, Jeff B. Pelz, Pengcheng Shi and Anne Haake
16:50–17:15 Usability Recommendations for Annotation Tools
Manuel Burghardt
17:15–17:30 SIGANN business meeting

Friday, July 13, 2012

 Poster Session (9:00-10:05am)
 Search Result Diversification Methods to Assist Lexicographers
Lars Borin, Markus Forsberg, Karin Friberg Heppin, Richard Johansson and Annika Kjellandsson
  Simultaneous error detection at two levels of syntactic annotation
Adam Przepiórkowski and Michał Lenart
  Exploring Temporal Vagueness with Mechanical Turk
Yuping Zhou and Nianwen Xue
 Developing Learner Corpus Annotation for Korean Particle Errors
Sun-Hee Lee, Markus Dickinson and Ross Israel
  Annotating Archaeological Texts: An Example of Domain-Specific Annotation in the Humanities
Francesca Bonin, Fabio Cavulli, Aronne Noriller, Massimo Poesio and Egon W. Stemle
  Annotating Preferences in Chats for Strategic Games
Anais Cadilhac, Nicholas Asher and Farah Benamara
 Morpheme Segmentation in the METU-Sabancı Turkish Treebank
Ruket Cakici
 AlvisAE: a collaborative Web text annotation editor for knowledge acquisition
Frédéric Papazian, Robert Bossy and Claire Nédellec
 CSAF - a community-sourcing annotation framework
Jin-Dong Kim and Yue Wang
 Paper Session 4
10:05–10:30 Dependency Treebank of Urdu and its Evaluation
Riyaz Ahmad Bhat and Dr. Dipti Misra Sharma
10:30-11:30:Morning coffee break
 Paper Session 5
11:00–11:25 Annotating Coordination in the Penn Treebank
Wolfgang Maier, Sandra Kübler, Erhard Hinrichs and Julia Kriwanek
11:25–11:50 Annotating Particle Realization and Ellipsis in Korean
Sun-Hee Lee and Jae-Young Song
11:50–12:15 Annotation of Adversarial and Collegial Social Actions in Discourse
David Bracewell, Marc Tomlinson, Mary Brunson, Jesse Plymale, Jiajun Bracewell and Daniel Boerger