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PAMLA Executive Board

I’ve just learned that I have been elected to the Executive Board of the Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Assocation (PAMLA). PAMLA is a regional association, more than a century old, that covers the West Coast, Alaska, and Hawaii; holds an annual conference with speakers from around the country and world; and publishes the journal Pacific Coast Philology. Congratulations to PAMLA and its Executive Director Craig Svonkin on a first-rate conference this past weekend in Portland, Oregon.

A New Review

A new review of my book Nobody’s Business: Twenty-First Century Avant-Garde Poetry, by Nikki Skillman, is up over on the American Literary History web site.

No Longer CompLit

As of April 15th, the name of the Comparative Literature Department at the University of Washington has been officially changed to the Department of Comparative Literature, Cinema, and Media. So my official academic title is now Professor of English and CLCM. That’s a mouthful!

I Edit, Too

I’ve just joined the Editorial Board of the journal Contemporary Literature. That’s on top of two other recent appointments, to the Editorial Board of the Poetics Research Journal, run by John Tranter out of Sydney, and to the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Poetry and Poetics, a PRC-based publication associated with the Chinese/American Association for Poetry and Poetics.

Bluebirds Fly

I have a new essay up over at the online journal Amodern. It’s a special issue on the “poetry reading” as an object of literary analysis, and my piece is titled “Somewhere Bluebirds Fly: Jackson Mac Low Directs a Poetry Reading.”

Is You or Aint You

I have a short piece up over at Jacket2 titled “Is You or Ain’t You My Poetry?” which is part of their new feature “Quick Question.” Katie Price is asking why the word “poetry” is still being used nowadays to refer to texts, performances, and artifacts that don’t seem especially poetic; other respondents include Amy Catanzano and Bob Perelman.

Marjorie Perloff Converses

I’ll be participating tomorrow in the “Conversation with Marjorie Perloff” panel at the Pacific Modern and Ancient Language Association (PAMLA) annual conference in Riverside, California. It’s going to be in the Riverside Convention Center Room 4, 1:45-3:15pm. Come watch the conversational fireworks.


As of September 1st, I am now the Chair of the Department of English at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Off to Oz

In just a couple days I am leaving home to spend two months as a Visiting Fellow at the Humanities Research Centre at Australian National University in Canberra. I’ll be giving a public lecture at ANU on 11 August titled “Conceptual Writing: Poetry as Information Art”; I’ll also be giving talks at the University of Sydney (10 September) and at Melbourne University (TBD).

Summertime in Canada

This week (2-6 June) I’m at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute at the University of Victoria. I’m participating in the course “DH for Department Chairs and Deans.” Bring on the digitech!