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New Piece in Review-19

A new review of mine has gone live over at the web site Review 19.  I talk up Sandra M. Gustafson’s Imagining Deliberative Democracy in the Early American Republic. Dan’l Webster, Davey Crockett, James Fenimore Cooper — what more could one want?

Chicago Review Review

The newest issue of the Chicago Review has–in addition to previously unpublished essays by the brilliant critic Veronica Forrest-Thomson and prose vignettes (in translation) by the Polish writer Andrzej Stasiuk–my review of Cole Swensen’s Greensward (Ugly Duckling 2010), a small beautiful book about 18th century British gardens and the human/animal divide.


The book (Re:)Working the Ground: Essays on the Late Writings of Robert Duncan is now available from Palgrave. I have an essay in it titled “Robert Duncan and Gertrude Stein from Writing Writing to Ground Work II.” Thanks to the editor James Maynard for doing such a fine job with the whole project!

Blurb for Imaginary Book

Cow Heavy Books has just published The Official Catalog of the Library for Imaginary Literature, a collection of blurbs for imaginary books that the writers would love to read.  People involved include Craig Dworkin, Shelley Jackson, Bhanu Kapil, Warren Motte, Diane Williams, and, well, me.  My blurb is for a (possible? potential?) book titled  “Krakow […]