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After a busy quarter, we are getting back into the blogging habit. Some highlights of the past quarter or so:

  • The #BeckerLab (Megan, Michelle, Axton, and Brenda) did a great job presenting our work at the Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference in Vancouver, BC. Look for a blog post from Brenda shortly.
  • Likewise, they (plus Jenn) aced the UW Undergraduate Research Symposium and the UW Tacoma Environmental Research Symposium.
  • Megan passed her first committee meeting for her Master’s Degree.
  • Katie won a Mary Cline Scholarship. Katie, Michelle, and I were awarded SIAS Teaching and Research funding.
  • Michelle and team completed lab work for our DNR-funded acidification work.
  • Megan and Jenn are both attending classes at Friday Harbor Labs.
  • Emily did great at the Washington State Science Fair and won an award! Expect a post on that soon.
  • Brenda, Jared, and Hannah graduated last week! And lab alumni Miguel and Dana graduated with Master’s degrees, in teaching and GIS, respectively.

So you can see how busy we’ve been! We have a number of student blogs from the past month or two ready to post. Then back to our regularly scheduled blogging. Thanks for reading!

Back in the Saddle!
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