Principal Investigator

Becker Circle

Bonnie J Becker

Professional larval shellfish tracker
Passionate, authentic educator
Collaborative, student-focused administrator

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Lab Technician

Ashley Benson

B.S. in Biomedical Sciences, Minor in Criminal Justice, 2020

I recently graduated from the University of Washington Tacoma with my degree in Biomedical Sciences. I’ve always had a passion for science growing up, but never knew exactly where that passion was going to take me. Since joining the Becker Lab my senior year I have rediscovered my love for marine biology. I most enjoy working outdoors in the field, and being a part of work that aids in restoring declining populations while making a positive impact on our environment. I am now looking to start my career doing research, and hoping to continue doing work within this field. But all work aside, in my free time I can either be found taking my two dogs out for a nice hike, or making some cool ceramic pieces at my pottery studio.

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Undergraduate Researchers

Annika Johnson

B.S. in Environmental Science, expected 2022

I am currently a junior majoring in Environmental Science with a focus in Conservation Biology and Ecology at the University of Washington Tacoma. During my time at UWT, I am also pursuing a certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). I am hoping that both the field and lab experiences gained while working with the Becker Lab on invertebrate restoration in Puget Sound will overlap well with the Invertebrate Zoology course I have been fortunate enough to be accepted into for the Summer of 2021 at UW’s Friday Harbor Labs. When not in classes I enjoy walking the Washington coast with my dog and creating ink drawings from the landscapes and organisms I’ve seen while traveling.

Brianna LoucksBrianna Loucks

B.S. in Environmental Science, expected 2021

I am currently a Senior at the University of Washington Tacoma, majoring in Environmental Science with an emphasis in Biology, minoring in Global Engagement (through the Global Honors Program), and receiving a certificate in Restoration Ecology. I have always felt connected to the land, outdoors, and the sea; and at the end of the day, I am proud to be making a contribution to preserving this world’s beautiful animals and other species. I was very fortunate to study at Friday Harbor labs 2018, where I stayed in an old-growth forest area and traveled frequently. And I am very happy and blessed to be able to work for the Becker Lab, where it gives me first-hand experience of working in a lab professionally. 

Hozoji Matheson-Margullis

BioDiver with Puyallup Tribe Shellfish Department

I have just begun my journey into the academic side of my love for the Puget Sound. I have worked the last 8 years as a diver with the Puyallup Tribe Shellfish Department. My love for the dark life below began as a geoduck harvester on a boat called the Nishga Gang. It evolved from there and led me to working with the biology department at the tribe counting geoducks instead of killing them. My goal is to gain the knowledge and experience required to eventually work more thoroughly with the tribe in protecting and rehabilitating our precious resource.

Readmore about Hozoji in an article by Motherboard, The Geoduck Diver. To contact through email, use form below.

Chloe Nelson

B.S. in Environmental Science, expected 2022

I am currently a Junior at the University of Washington Tacoma, majoring in Environmental Science with an emphasis in Conservation Biology and Ecology, and also receiving a certificate in Restoration Ecology. With this being my first year in the Becker Lab, I am excited to gain experience in the field, learning more about the unique species of the Puget Sound. I have always been fascinated in ecology and projects like the Dungeness Crab Larval Trapping that serve to protect and restore populations.

Prasis Pandey

B.S. in Environmental Science, expected 2021

Currently a student of UW Tacoma, I wish to work with Puget Sound, to understand its ecological heritage and learn to protect it. Becker Lab’s focus on Marine life provides a great opportunity for me to learn how to work with the community and allows me to have a scientific base to start my own career within Environmental Science.



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