LiveOcean is a computer model simulating ocean water properties. It makes 3-day forecasts of currents, temperature, salinity and many biogeochemical fields including harmful algal blooms.

LiveOcean is an ongoing project of the UW Coastal Modeling Group: Dr. Parker MacCready (UW Oceanography, lead), Dr. Samantha Siedlecki (U. Connecticut, oxygen & carbon chemistry), Dr. Ryan McCabe (UW JISAO, validation), Dr. Neil Banas (University of Strathclyde, Scotland, ecosystem modeling), and David Darr (computational systems).

The model output presented here is part of ongoing research into the realistic simulation of ocean biology and chemistry. This is an experimental product and intended for research use only. Our goal in making it publicly available is to facilitate communication between resource users, managers, and scientists, and to improve the quality and utility of the forecasts. Any use of these forecasts is done at the risk of the user.

Questions or comments? Please email Parker MacCready:

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