What's New Archive - 2005

December, 2005 

Parry Peoplemover begins second application in the U.K. - propulsion is via a flywheel and vehicle is like a tram.

Urbanaut Monorail Technology Center opens near Seattle, features operating 1:10 scale model to demonstration its components

Tubular Rail website updated - now includes three movies and several more new graphics

Link to graphics from a study of an application of Cabinlift to a hospital complex in Bremen, Germany

Link to a study of how PRT could be applied throughout  the entire state of New Jersey, by a Princeton University class, 118 pp., pdf format.

Links to Cabintaxi and Cabinlift videos - very good for introducing PRT concepts - both show real systems in operation

New International Maglev Board website launched - includes discussion Forum,  free registration

November, 2005

Links to seven architectural renderings of Cabintaxi application concepts derived from several photos of the Cabintaxi test track.

Link to Summary of Cabintaxi PRT study for Hagen, Germany, 1971-72,  includes areawide network map and loading diagram.

CEETI Virtual Workshop on Dualmode Transportation:  Driverless Freight Systems, December 9, 2005

Link to updated website for Puget Pullway dualmode system

Trade-offs to consider when designing a transit system, by J. Edward Anderson 

Call for papers and conference information:  Maglev 2006, 13-15 September, 2006, Dresden, Germany

Conference Proceedings CD now available: William L. Alden Morgantown O&M Seminar, October, 2005

October, 2005 

British Airport Authority (BAA) selects ULTra PRT for an initial application at Heathrow International Airport - also invests
several million pounds in ATS, Ltd.

Link to new book information: Intelligent Vehicle Technologies and Trends, by Richard Bishop

Link to information about the EcoTaxi project in Finland, prototype under development

Link to California Regional Maglev Project - San Diego to Los Angeles

September, 2005

Information about the Virtual Workshop on Dualmode Transportation, held on 9/16/2005

Links to three very good illustrated updates from RUF International: One on guideways, one on the role of fuel cells for use in RUF vehicles and one on implementation strategy

Article: On finding niches for a dualmode transportation system for a large U.S. metropolis, by J. Schneider

August, 2005

Link to Vanderlande Industries website - a global leader in automated baggage handling and screening systems for airports, based in the Netherlands

Article: Why we need a transport revolution, by Malcolm Buchanan

New automated freight system from Siemens, in Germany

New monorail design from Germany, two-way travel on one guideway, people and cargo versions, in German but very well-illustrated, English version coming later

Virtual Workshop on Dualmode Transportation, 10-part series, to begin in September, 2005, hosted by CEETI at Texas A&M University

Link to the Tubular Rail website - a unique monorail-type system that does not require a conventional guideway

July, 2005

Advanced Automated Transit Systems (AATS 2005) conference, Bologna, Italy, 7-8 Novermber, 2005, abstracts due by September 16, 2005

Link to Mobilicity website in the U.K. - features an automated GRT system, prototype vehicle now being developed, project report available (14.3 Mb PDF)

Article from World Energy Monthly about the new Center for Energy, Environment and Transportation Innovation (CEETI) at Texas A&M University (posted with permission of World Energy Monthly)

Link to a Dutch website that describes an effort to foster transportation innovations in the Netherlands

Link to a new website about maglev technologies, in German

New GRT-type system being tested in Austria, called the Coaster, features both an alpine and urban version

New Center for Energy, Environment and Transportation Innovation (CEETI) gets underway at Texas A&M University

June, 2005
Some results from a 30-mile Cabintaxi network simulation in Hamburg, Germany

PRT proposal for the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, Washington

EPA awards Cities 21 a "Transforming Office Parks into Transit Villages" grant

Pedal power thrives in Germany and many other countries - article about Velotaxi (more details and pictures at www.velotaxi.de)

May, 2005

Overview of the status of national/international maglev projects

Zhonghua-06 -- a light-weight, suspended, maglev system under development in Dalian, China

RUZway - a low-cost, elevated, solar-supplied PRT-like system being developed in India

April, 2005

Update of the Car Bus page, includes a link to a description of a Car Bus demonstration project, by Dave Petrie

Comprehensive update of MegaRail website now available

Final Program for New Transport Visions in Orlando - April 30 - a day of presentations and discussions sponsored by the Advanced Transit Association  - preceding the Automated Peoplemovers Conference, APM05, May 1-4

March, 2005

Intelligent Multimodal Transit System (IMTS) - a dualmode bus that began operation this month at EXPO 2005, in Japan

New Jersey Department of Transportation issues Request for Proposals for PRT Study

Link to new video about the Monomobile dualmode concept

Link to latest presentation from MegaRail Transportation, pdf file, 2+ megabytes, 29 pages 

HSST urban maglev train starts public service in Japan as part of EXPO 2005 in Japan

Link to the text of House Bill 1429 which has passed the Washington legislature without dissent (97-0) - includes PRT and maglev as potential technologies of interest. It now goes to the Senate for further action.  

Link to article entitled The DualMode EV Revolution, by Francis D. Reynolds, published in EV World

Link to information about an extreme hybrid vehicle that utilizes a flywheel and might get 200 miles per gallon

February, 2005 

Link to article about FlyBy PRT - a joint effort between POSCO of Korea and companies in Norway

Link to website for the UK Ultraspeed project - a maglev concept using German Transrapid technology

Link to maglev project located in the Philippines - working toward a National Maglev Initiative

Link to paper entitled Application of New Technology Product Research to New Suburban Commute System Design and Validation, by Steve Raney, 2004.

Link to paper entitled Morgantown People Mover - Updated Description, by Steve Raney and Stan Young, 2004, 12 pp.

New PRT company formed, called PRT International, LLC by Dr. J.E. Anderson and associates

Link to excellent Swedish PRT deployment study (16 pages, illustrated, shows staged implementation plan)  

Link to Neue Bahntechnik Paderborn (NBP) website in Germany - modular railway system that combines a sophisticated undercarriage with the advantages of the Transrapid using existing railway tracks - to carry both passengers and cargo

January, 2005

Link to "A SemiMaglev Urbanaut - A New Total Monorail Concept", by Einar and John Svensson, illlustrated Word document, 4+megs

Update (1/22/05) of MegaRail & MicroRail System Specifications now available

Article about a PRT study for the entire state of New Jersey, done by Princeton University students

4th International Symposium on Underground Frieght Transportation, Shanghai, China, October 2005

Link to a new newsletter entitled Transport Innovator that is focused on BRT and innovative bus technologies and projects around the world

Article entitled "The Structure of Transportation Revolutions", by Daniel Sweeny

Link to conference summary: Access to Destinations: Rethinking the Way We Look at Transportation, U of Minnesota, December, 2004

Easy-Rider - a dynamic carpool service now operating in Amsterdam

Intelligent Grouping Transportation (IGT) - a taxibus concept being developed in the U.K.

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