Photos Taken at the Cabintaxi Test Track in Hagen, Germany

These six photos show views taken on the Cabintaxi test facility, which allow comparisons to be made of the actual system hardware verses the urban settings as shown in the application illustrations.   The last picture on this page is an illustration that shows the system with a 21 foot cantilever which was intended to allow for a flexible integration into urban settings.  An actual "single level" column cantilever is shown in the following photo. The concept was to use cantilevered columns placed between the street and sidewalk with trees planted by the columns.  This was to make the column row more acceptable in the urban area.  The end effect is shown in the second illustration on the Cabintaxi Illustration page.  Thanks to Marsden Burger of the Cabintaxi Corporation, for providing these photos from his files.


More details about the Cabintaxi system are available at

Last modified: November 29, 2005