Graphics from a Study for a Cabinlift Application at the Bremen Central Hospital Complex, Bremen, Germany

At the time this planning work was done (1976), this hospital complex had 2,000 beds spread over 13 clinics. This was to be a government funded system but never received final approval. It was to be a standing passenger system and the upper running vehicle shown in the fourth, fifth, and sixth pictures below, was designed for this market. The actual vehicle developed can be seen as the fourth image in this photo set:

 The first picture shows the total network and the next two show two of the 17 planned stations. The remaining pictures show some details of different planned vehicle configurations, showing vehicles for passenger, patients on beds, and cargo containers.  The last two show a station door and the user push-button interface. All Cabinlift applications were standing passengers and planned for single level operations, above the guideway or below.  More details on the Cabinlift technology are available as is a Cabinlift video that shows a real application at another German hospital that has been in operation for many years.

Last modified: December 05, 2005