From mass spectrometers like NanoSIMS and Atom Probe Tomography to aquariums, we use a geochemical approach to uncover the mechanisms of biomineralization.

Trace Metal Analysis of Natural Materials Using Mass Spectrometry

My lab built and manages the TraceLab at the University of Washington with the ability to conduct laser ablation surface analysis and high-resolution atomic mass spectrometry. We also have automated sample preparation systems like the seaFAST.

Analysis of Inorganic Carbon in Natural Waters

The lab uses several high precision techniques to measure pH, total dissolved inorganic carbon, and alkalinity, including a SAMI-AFT, a VINDTA system with a UIC coulometer, and a custom built alkalinity titration system (shown here deployed in the field).

Tropical and Cold-Water Coral Aquariums

Blue Water Diving to Collect Foraminifera