Regressor models

Recursive least squares

The power of system identification, adaptive control, and the essentials of recursive adaptation and learning. Matrix Inversion Lemma

Stability of adaptive systems

Hyperstability I Hyperstability II Hyperstability III Stability of constant adaptation gain PAA

Parallel adaptation algorithms

PAA with Parallel Predictors Parallel PAA Stability and Various Parallel PAAs PAAs with Time-varying Adaptation Gains

Parameter convergence of adaptation algorithms

Internal model principle

Adaptive pole placement

Adaptive disturbance observer

Reading: T. Jiang, et. al. “Local loop shaping for rejecting band-limited disturbances in nonminimum-phase systems with application to laser beam steering for additive manufacturing” IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 28:2249-2262, 11 2020.

Nonlinear system identification

Adaptation over Unsteady Dynamics

Learning and adapting like humans do.