Estimation, Learning, and Controls

in reverse order of recommended learning


Selected Topics

  • Robotics and control in 3D
  • Optimization and controls
  • Adaptive all-stabilizing control
  • Iterative learning control
  • Model reference adaptive control
  • Learning and controls under constrained information feedback
  • Adaptation over unsteady dynamics

Multivariable Controls

From stability to performance and robustness, elevated to new dimensions.

System Identification and Adaptive Controls

Discretization, nonlinear systems, passivity, optimization and gradient methods, adaptation and learning from data.

Essentials of Control Parameterization

Loop shaping and all the stabilizing controls.

Optimal Estimation and Controls

Least squares, Dynamic Programming, Kalman filter, Linear Quadratic controls, Linear Quadratic Gaussian Controls, etc. UW ME 549 or equivalent, plus a few extensions.

Introduction to Modern Controls (UW ME 547)

First course on modern control engineering covering state-space modeling and system analysis. UW ME 547 or equivalent.

Engineering Analysis (Math Foundations)

Mathematic tools central for solving practical engineering problems: Linear Algebra, Ordinary Differential Equations, Real Analysis, etc. UW 564 or equivalent.

Introduction to Feedback Systems

An introduction to feedback systems for scientists and engineers.

Building, Making, and Manufacturing


Robotics, vision, and mechatronics for manufacturing

Robotics and control in 3D, kinematics, robotic manipulators, manufacturing, vision-based controls, and physics of imaging.

Mechatronics and 3D Printing - Learn by Building

Explore mechatronics in 3d printing systems: the modern synthesis of mechanical and electrical components, materials, and thermodynamics. Design and print functional parts on a final demo day.