Lab "Puppy Hour", January 2020. Rachel introduced us to 'Tubs', a very cute corgi puppy with a fondness for beer.


Cherry Blossoms, April 2019. Our annual pilgrimage to the old quad for a group photo with the cherry trees in full bloom. Left to right: Josh Larson, Chip Asbury, Andy Cai, Natasha Powell, Haein Kim, Kim Fong, Krishna Sarangapani, Daniel Barrero.



Highland Peak, January 2019. Josh Larson snaps a selfie after hiking to the summit of Aspen Highlands during the Single Molecule Biophysics meeting, held biennially at the Aspen Center for Physics.



Cherrry Blossoms, April 2018. We made our annual pilgrimage to the old quad for a group photo with the cherry trees in full bloom. Left to right: Aida Llauro, Kim Fong, Josh Larson, Chip Asbury, Krishna Sarangapani, Connor King, Bill Lee.



Matthew's microscopy debut, September 2017. Matthew Asbury, age eight, learns to use phase contrast microscopy to observe his very own cheek cells. Fun!


Little Si

Lab Hike, May 2017. The lab took a beautiful stroll to the top of Little Mount Si. Left to right: Megan Bailey, Connor King, Aida Llauro, Luke Johnson, Bill Lee, Krishna Sarangapani, Chip Asbury.



Cherry blossoms, April 2017. Lab group photo taken when the cherry trees were in full bloom on the old quad. Left to right: Chip Asbury, Aida Llauro, Megan Bailey, Krishna Sarangapani, Luke Johnson.


Erin Kirschner

Lab mascot, July 2016. Sydney, our 14-year-old cattle dog, takes a break between long sessions at the optical trap. She was a little bit grumpy, but being in lab sure beat staying home alone.


Erin Kirschner

Luke Johnson, May 2016. Luke presenting his latest results at the Undergraduate Research Symposium, in Mary Gates Hall.


Erin Kirschner

A toast for Jonathan, May 2016. A very happy happy hour with margaritas made according to Jonathan's precise recipe -- it is a full page long, and well worth the extra effort. Left to right: Justin Decarreau, Rose King, Aida LaurĂ³ Portell, Anna de Regt, Emily Scarborough, Jae ook Kim, Amitabha 'Guppy' Gupta, and Grace Hamilton. Cheers!


Erin Kirschner

Erin's laser trap debut, May 2014. Erin Kirschner, Coordinator for the Biochemistry and Biological Physics, Structure, and Design Graduate Programs, learns how to use a laser trap to manipulate molecular motors and watch their ATP-driven movement along individual microtubule filaments. It's fun!


Dress like Neil

Dress like Neil day, July 2013. Neil Umbreit has been single-handedly improving the average fashionability of our local community of researchers. A group of us honored Neil's fashion sense by wearing respectable clothing for a change. Left to right: Chip Asbury, Jonathan Driver, Jerry Tien, Justin Decarreau, Neil Umbreit, Kwaku Opoku, Yi Deng, Krishna Sarangapani, Erik Yusko.


3 color TIRF

New TIRF microscope, July 2011. This photo shows part of our newest instrument, a total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) microscope. The mirrors and lenses seen here direct three lasers into a Nikon inverted microscope. The custom-built instrument also includes three Andor emccd cameras, which allow fast multi-color tracking of individual molecular assemblies.



Co-authors, April 2010. This photo was taken after one of our papers was accepted (Tien et al, 2010). Left to right: Andrew Franck, Linda Wordeman, Jerry Tien, Trisha Davis, Chip Asbury, Neil Umbreit, Dan Gestaut, Tamir Gonen. Photo courtesy of Eric Muller.


paradise mt rainier

Faculty backcountry ski trip, June 2009. Heading up to Paradise Glacier on Mount Rainier (just south of Seattle). From left to right: Eric Feigl (Physiology & Biophysics), Chip Asbury, Eric Martinson (Physiology & Biophysics), Norm Breslow (Biostatistics), and Jon Wellner (Biostatistics). Photo courtesy of Piro Kramar.


paradise glacier

Faculty backcountry ski trip, June 2009. View from Paradise Glacier (elevation ~9,000 ft), looking south toward Mt Adams. Photo courtesy of Piro Kramar.


optical trap 2

New optical trapping microscope, July 2008. This photo shows our newest custom-built laser trapping microscope. The rig includes an infrared laser for optical trapping, plus a short-wavelength (488 nm) laser for severing microtubules. We use the laser scissors to trigger disassembly of individual microtubules by cutting off their growing plus end tips.


Asbury Lab, September 2007. During the renovation of our building, our lab was accessible only by walking through the construction zone. It was a hassle, but we got to keep the hardhats. From left to right: Andy Powers, Ryan Lemke, Dan Gestaut, Andrew Franck, Chip Asbury.


On the ferry to Friday Harbor Labs, January 2007. Andy Powers took this photo during one of our periodic pilgrimages to the Center for Cell Dynamics, located at Friday Harbor Laboratories on San Juan Island. From left to right: Andrew Franck, Chip Asbury, Jason Stumpff.



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