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Journal Articles

High-Resolution Mapping of Essential Maternal and Child Health Service Coverage in Nigeria: A Machine Learning Approach  

BMJ Open, 2024.

Yoshito Kawakatsu, Jonathan F. Mosser, Christopher Adolph, Peter Baffoe, Fatima Cheshi, Hirotsugu Aiga, D.A. Watkins, and Kenneth H. Sherr

Assessing COVID-19 Pandemic Policies and Behaviours and their Economic and Educational Trade-offs across US States from Jan 1, 2020, to July 31, 2022: An Observational Analysis  

The Lancet, 2023.

Thomas J. Bollyky, Emma Castro, et al [including Christopher Adolph]

Estimated Global Proportions of Individuals With Persistent Fatigue, Cognitive, and Respiratory Symptom Clusters Following Symptomatic COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021  

JAMA, 2022.

Global Burden of Disease Long COVID Collaborators [including Christopher Adolph]

Factors Consistently Associated with Utilisation of Essential Maternal and Child Health Services in Nigeria: Analysis of the Five Nigerian National Household Surveys (2003–2018)  

BMJ Open, 2022.

Yoshito Kawakatsu, Christopher Adolph, Jonathan F. Mosser, Peter Baffoe, Fatima Cheshi, Hirotsugu Aiga, D.A. Watkins, and Kenneth H. Sherr

Estimating Global, Regional, and National Daily and Cumulative Infections with SARS-CoV-2 through Nov 14, 2021: A Statistical Analysis  

The Lancet, 2022.

COVID-19 Cumulative Infection Collaborators [including Christopher Adolph]

The Pandemic Policy U-Turn: Partisanship, Public Health, and Race in Decisions to Ease COVID-19 Social Distancing Policies in the United States  

Perspectives on Politics, 2022.

Christopher Adolph, Kenya Amano, Bree Bang-Jensen, Nancy Fullman, Beatrice Magistro, Grace Reinke, Rachel Castellano, Megan Erickson, and John Wilkerson

Does the Economic Decline of the West and the Rise of China Encourage NGO Crackdown?  

Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 2022.

Christopher Adolph and Aseem Prakash

Estimating Excess Mortality Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Systematic Analysis of COVID-19-Related Mortality, 2020–21  

The Lancet, 2022.

COVID-19 Excess Mortality Collaborators [including Christopher Adolph]

Pandemic Preparedness and COVID-19: An Exploratory Analysis of Infection and Fatality Rates, and Contextual Factors Associated with Preparedness in 177 Countries, from Jan 1, 2020, to Sept 30, 2021  

The Lancet, 2022.

COVID-19 National Preparedness Collaborators [including Christopher Adolph]

Variation in the COVID-19 Infection–Fatality Ratio by Age, Time, and Geography during the Pre-Vaccine Era: A Systematic Analysis  

The Lancet, 2022.

COVID-19 Forecasting Team [including Christopher Adolph]

Governor Partisanship Explains the Adoption of Statewide Mask Mandates in Response to COVID-19  

State Politics & Policy Quarterly, 2022.

Christopher Adolph, Kenya Amano, Bree Bang-Jensen, Nancy Fullman, Beatrice Magistro, Grace Reinke, and John Wilkerson

Global Prevalence and Burden of Depressive and Anxiety Disorders in 204 Countries and Territories in 2020 Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic  

The Lancet, 2021.

COVID-19 Mental Disorders Collaborators [including Christopher Adolph]

Modeling COVID-19 Scenarios for the United States  

Nature Medicine, 2021.

IHME COVID-19 Forecasting Team [including Christopher Adolph]

Pandemic Politics: Timing State-Level Social Distancing Responses to COVID-19  

Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 2021.

Christopher Adolph, Kenya Amano, Bree Bang-Jensen, Nancy Fullman, and John Wilkerson

The Influence of Changing Marginals on Measures of Inequality in Scholarly Citations: Evidence of Bias and a Resampling Correction  

Sociological Science, 2020.

Lanu Kim, Christopher Adolph, Jevin West, and Katherine Stovel

Policy Design and Public Support for Carbon Tax:
Evidence from a 2018 U.S. National Online Survey Experiment

Public Administration, 2020.

Nives Dolšak, Christopher Adolph, and Aseem Prakash

The Global Diffusion of Environmental Clubs:
How Pressure from Importing Countries Supports The Chemical Industry’s Responsible Care Program

World Development, 2020.

Ellen Holtmaat, Christopher Adolph, and Aseem Prakash

The Political Economy of Budget Trade-Offs  

Journal of Public Policy, 2020.

Christopher Adolph, Christian Breunig, and Chris Koski

The Missing Politics of Central Banks  

PS: Political Science and Politics, 2018.

Christopher Adolph

Health Facility Readiness and Facility-Based Birth in Haiti: A Maximum Likelihood Approach to Linking Household and Facility Data  

Journal of Global Health: Reports, 2018.

Christopher G. Kemp, Reed Sorensen, Nancy Puttkammer, Reynold Grand’Pierre, Jean Guy Honoré, Lauren Lipira, and Christopher Adolph

The Shanghai Effect:
Do Exports to China Affect Labor Practices in Africa?

World Development, 2017.

Christopher Adolph, Vanessa Quince, and Aseem Prakash

State Government Organization of Health Services,
1990–2009: Correlates and Consequences

Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, 2014.

Paula M. Lantz, Jeffrey A. Alexander, Christopher Adolph, and JoLynn P. Montgomery

Allocation of Authority in European Health Policy  

Social Science & Medicine, 2012.

Christopher Adolph, Scott L. Greer, and Elize Massard da Fonseca

Getting Ahead in the Communist Party:
Explaining the Advancement of
Central Committee Members in China

American Political Science Review, 2012.

Victor Shih, Christopher Adolph, and Mingxing Liu

Mobilizing Bias in Europe:
Lobbies, Democracy and eu Health Policy-Making

European Union Politics, 2008.

Scott L. Greer, Elize Massard da Fonseca, and Christopher Adolph

A Consensus on Second Stage Analyses
in Ecological Inference Models

Political Analysis, 2003.

Christopher Adolph and Gary King with Michael C. Herron and Kenneth W. Shotts

Analyzing Second Stage Ecological Regressions:
Comment on Herron and Shotts

Political Analysis, 2003.

Christopher Adolph and Gary King

Other Publications

Do African Exports to China Hurt Labor Rights? Here’s What We Found.

Washington Post, 3 March 2017.

Christopher Adolph, Vanessa Quince, and Aseem Prakash

Aligning Rights and Interests:
Why, When and How to Uphold Labor Standards

Background Paper to World Development Report 2013: Jobs.

Margaret Levi, Christopher Adolph, Daniel Berliner, Aaron Erlich, Anne Greenleaf, Milli Lake, and Jennifer Noveck

Visual Interpretation and Presentation of Monte Carlo Results  

The Political Methodologist, 2003.

Christopher Adolph

Party Schools  

American Prospect, 18 December 2000.

Christopher Adolph

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