Assignments and Grading:


The work for this class centers on faciliting rich, thoughtful discussions about the literature. The emphasis on this class will be deeply engaging with the material, rather than grading. Students are expected to:

  • participate in class discussions
  • respond to one discussion question for each paper that will discussed each week
    • responses should be thoughtful - about a paragraph or two long
    • responses should submitted to the class GoPost by 10am on the day of class
    • typically there will be three papers per week
  • lead 2 class discussions, which includes
    • choosing a paper for others to read
    • creating 2 discussion questions for people to respond to prior to class
    • preparing for and leading the discussion during class time
  • provide brief feedback to the lead discussors at the end of each class

If you need to miss one class, please respond to 2 discussion questions for each paper for that class (one question can be your own).

Take a look at these helpful resources for creating good discussion questions and facilitating good discussion:




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