Current News

Cameron Ball gradautes with a Ph.D. from the Woodrow Lab.
William Lykins is awarded the Stratos-Stephan Endowed Award in Bioeningeering.
Daniel Carson gives a platform presentation, and Cameron Ball and Jaehyung Park present posters at CRS 2014.
Good-bye and best of luck to our graduating seniors: Hunter, Andrew and Alex.
Cameron Ball's manuscript is published: "Electrospun solid dispersions of maraviroc for rapid intravaginal pre-exposure prophylaxis of HIV."
Woodrow Lab welcomes a new senior fellow: Dr. Hangyu Zhang.
Anna Blakney's manuscript is published: "Delivery of multipurpose prevention drug combinations from electrospun nanofibers using composite microarchitectures."
Congratulations to Anna Blakney for being awarded a 2014 NSF GROW award with the USAID Research and Innovation Fellowship Program.
Prof. Woodrow attend the BMGF Global Health Product Development Forum in Seattle.
Hunter Bennett featured in UW Today News.
Congratulations to Hunter Bennet for being awarded the 2014 College of Engineering Dean’s Medal for Academic Excellence.
Congratulations to Anna Blakney for being awarded an Honorable Mention STAR from SFB 2014!
Anna Blakney, Huarong Nie and Arielle Steger present at 2014 SFB conference.
Woodrow Lab welcomes a new PhD student: Shijie Cao
The Woodrow Lab is awarded thier first R01 grant!
Woodrow Lab welcomes a new postdoctoral scientist: Dr. Shih-Feng Chou
Congratulations to Renuka Ramanathan for being awarded a CFAR STD/AIDS Training Fellowship.
Congratulations to Renuka Ramanathan for passing her general exam!
Congratulations to Anna Blakney for passing her qualifying exam!
Hunter Bennett is selected to receive a Washington Research Foundation Fellowship for the 2013-14 academic year
Congratulations to Ben Read and Alex Tillman winning 2013 Mary Gates Research Scholarships.
Renuka Ramanathan gives an oral presentation at BMES 2013 on the topic of "Chemokine and growth factor-mediated expansion of vaginal antigen presenting cells."
Joe Phan gives an oral presentation at BMES 2013 on the topic of "A Thermoresponsive Magnetic Nanoparticle System Using an Antiviral Lectin for HIV Capture and Concentration"
Congratulations to the following students who presented posters at the 2013 BMES conference in Seattle: Hunter Bennett, Danielle Bright and Yonghou Jiang, Cameron Ball, and Anna Blakney.
Congratulations to Reena Mahadevan on completing her BS/MS.
Congratulations to Emily Krogstad and Cameron Ball for passing their general exam!
Good-bye and best of luck to Deep Hathi who graduates from the UW with a B.S. in Bioengineering and begins his Ph.D. studies at Washington University.
Prof. Woodrow gives an invited presentation at the 2013 Controlled Release Society session on Drug Delivery for Developing Countries/Global Challenges.
Congratulations to Anna Blakney for winning an appointment to the Molecular Medicine NIH training grant!
Congratulations to Hunter Bennett for winning the Bioengineering Capstone Scholarship award!
Congratulations to Eric Do for winning the NME award for best poster in the area of Biomolecular & Biomedical Sciences and Engineering for his poster entitled: "Developing Nanoparticle-Based Combination ARVs as an Effective Strategy for HIV Prevention."
Woodrow Lab welcomes research technicians: Richard Edmark and Arielle Steger
Woodrow Lab welcomes fiscal and administrative specialist: Patricia Foster.
Woodrow Lab is awarded second phase of NIH/NIAID Microbicide Innovation Program VI grant (R33 AI094412).