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Jacob O. Wobbrock Associate Professor, The Information School
Adjunct Associate Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
  Jacob O. Wobbrock, Ph.D.
The Information School
University of Washington
Box 352840
Seattle, WA 98195-2840   USA


I am an Associate Professor in the Information School and, by courtesy, in Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington. I chair the Master of Human-Computer Interaction & Design program and direct the Mobile & Accessible Design Lab. I am a founding member of the DUB Group. My Ph.D. students come primarily from information science and computer science.

My field is human-computer interaction (HCI). My research seeks to scientifically understand people's interactions with computers and information, and to improve those interactions through design and engineering, particularly for people with disabilities. Interaction is my major phenomena of interest—analyzing it, modeling it, and designing it to create better user experiences. I therefore both study things and build things. My specific research topics include: (i) input techniques (text entry, pointing, touch, gesture, voice, gaze); (ii) mobile and tabletop user interfaces; (iii) human performance with computers; (iv) HCI research and design methods; and (v) accessible computing. A vision I am currently pursuing is Ability-Based Design, a design approach in which the human abilities required to operate a technology in a given context are questioned, and systems are made operable by and adaptable to alternative abilities.

My work has received 19 paper awards, including 7 best papers and 7 honorable mentions from the ACM CHI conference. Some of my notable projects are the $-family gesture recognizers, the end-user elicitation design method, the Slide Rule design for accessible touchscreen gestures, ARTool for nonparametric factorial statistical analyses, and the EdgeWrite text entry system.

See my full CV, faculty profile, ACM author page, ResearchGate page, or Google Scholar page. Or find me in the HCI Bibliography.

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