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Research Publications

Functional architecture of neural circuits for leg proprioception in Drosophila.
Chen C, Agrawal S, Mark B, Mamiya A, Sustar A, Phelps J, Lee WCA, Dickson B, Card G, Tuthill JC.
Current Biology 2021. PDF , Data

Anipose: a toolkit for robust markerless 3D pose estimation.
Karashchuk P, Rupp KL, Dickinson ES, Sanders E, Azim E, Brunton BW, Tuthill JC
Cell Reports 2021. PDF, Tutorials, Code, Visualizer, and Data

Reconstruction of motor control circuits in adult Drosophila using automated transmission electron microscopy.
Phelps J, Hildebrand DGC, Graham BJ, Kuan AT, Thomas, LA, Nguyen T, Buhmann J, Azevedo AW, Sustar A, Agrawal S, Liu M, Shanny BL, Funke J, Tuthill JC, Lee WCA
Cell 2021. PDF , Data

Central processing of leg proprioception in Drosophila.
Agrawal S, Dickinson ES, Sustar A, Gurung P, Shepherd D, Truman J, Tuthill JC
eLife 2020. PDF, Data

Dense neuronal reconstruction through X-ray holographic nano-tomography.
Kuan AT, Phelps J, Thomas LA, Nguyen TM, Han J, Chen CL, Azevedo AW, Tuthill JC, Funke J, Cloetens P, Pacureanu A, Lee WCA
Nature Neuroscience 2020. PDF, Data

A systematic nomenclature for the Drosophila ventral nerve cord.
Court RC, Namiki S, Armstrong JD, Borner J, Card G, Costa M, Dickinson MH, Duch C, Korff W, Mann R, Merritt D, Murphey R, Seeds A, Shirangi T, Simpson J, Truman J, Tuthill JC, Williams D, Shepherd D
Neuron 2020. PDF

A size principle for recruitment of Drosophila leg motor neurons.
Azevedo AW, Dickinson ES, Gurung P, Venkatasubramanian L, Mann R, Tuthill JC
eLife 2020. PDF, Data , and Code

Neural coding of leg proprioception in Drosophila.
Mamiya A, Gurung P, Tuthill JC
Neuron 2018. PDF, Supplement, Data

Microtubule acetylation is required for mechanosensation in Drosophila.
Yan C, Wang F, Peng Y, Williams CR, Jenkins B, Wildonger J, Kim HJ, Perr JB, Vaughan JC, Kern ME, Falvo MR, O'Brien ET 3rd, Superfine R, Tuthill JC, Xiang Y, Rogers SL, Parrish JZ.
Cell Reports 2018. PDF

Review Articles

Commentary Articles

Pre-Tuthill Lab

Parallel transformation of tactile signals in central circuits of Drosophila.
Tuthill JC and Wilson RI
Cell 2016 164(5):1046-1059. PDF

Wide-field feedback neurons dynamically tune early visual processing.
Tuthill JC, Nern A, Rubin GM, Reiser MB
Neuron 2014 82(4):887-95. PDF

Contributions of the 12 neuron classes in the fly lamina to motion vision.
Tuthill JC, Nern A, Holtz SL, Rubin GM, Reiser MB
Neuron 2013 79(1):128-40.  PDF

Neural correlates of illusory motion perception in Drosophila.
Tuthill JC, Chiappe ME, Reiser MB
PNAS 2011 108(23):9685-90.  PDF

Physiology and morphology of sustaining and dimming neurons of the crab Chasmagnathus granulatus (Brachyura: Grapsidae).
Beron de Astrada M, Tuthill JC, Tomsic D
J Comp Physiol A 2009 195(8):791-8.  PDF
Patterns of transmission ratio distortion in monkeyflower (Mimulus) hybrids reveal a complex genetic basis for conspecific pollen precedence.
Fishman L, Aagaard J, Tuthill JC
Evolution 2008 62(12):2958-70. PDF

Polarization sensitivity in the red swamp crayfish Procambarus clarkii enhances the detection of moving transparent objects.
Tuthill JC, Johnsen S
J Exp Biol 2006 209(9):1612-6. PDF