We are looking for curious individuals to join the lab

We are hiring postdoctoral fellows who are interested in decoding the mysteries of the fly mind. A background in neuroscience, physics, engineering, or quantitative biology is preferred. We are also looking for a post-doc to lead a collaborative project that uses large-scale single-cell RNA sequencing to understand cell-type diversity in the Drosophila brain and VNC. Interested applicants should send John a CV and references

Graduate Students
If you would like to join the lab as a PhD student, you should apply to one of UW's excellent graduate programs, such as Neuroscience , Molecular and Cellular Biology , or Biological Physics, Structure, and Design.

If you are a UW undergraduate interested in working in our lab, please send us an email. We are particularly interested in finding biologists, neuroscientists, and engineers who want to get involved with our research.