Welcome to the Imaizumi Lab

Below are the projects that we are currently interested in:

1) Understand the seasonal flowering mechanisms in nature at molecular levels.

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Based on our recent work, we successfully optimized our lab growth conditions (i.e. adjusting red/far-red light ratio to 1 and adding duirnal temperature oscillation) to more precisely mimic seasonal flowering time regulation in natural long-day conditions. Now we are studying the molecular mechanisms of flowering in our optimized growth conditions. With this experimental modidications, whatever we find is most likely also happening in the natural environments.

Moth and petunia

2) Investigate the influence of circadian clocks on plant-polliator interactions.

We are interested in learning the influecnce of the internal timing mechanisms, circadian clocks, on interspecies interactions, since these interactions often occur at specific time of the day. Is it benefitical for them to have circadian clocks, which could coordinate timing of interactions? Which traits are regulated by the circadian clocks, and how do these traits affect the interactions? We currently use the plant-pollinator system to address this question.

We are also interested in other aspects influenced by the circadian clock. If you are interested in studying these topics, please come and visit our lab.

(Last updated: Oct, 2019)

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