EDPSY 526, Spring 2006


Term Project (50% of grade) Term projects are an opportunity for you to study one aspect of metacognition in depth. Projects will vary depending on your interests and skills, but in general they must demonstrate that you have understood the theories and issues discussed in this course well enough to use some of them to explore your question. Possible formats include a proposal for research--especially good for students planning on doing research and who have had coursework or experience in research design, a case study of a student, group, or client with a metacognition-related problem which analyzes and proposes solutions for the problem from different theoretical perspectives--especially good for practitioners, or a literature review exploring some focused question or problem. For guidelines on preparing each type of paper, click here.

Required stages in project completion

  1. Early in the quarter you will fill out a Project Prospectus form.
  2. A rough draft will be due about two weeks later (see schedule for dates). The rough draft must include at least a detailed outline, working bibliography, and one section of your paper completed (this must be something beyond the introduction), all of which show how you will be using theories from this seminar.
  3. Project papers. Project papers will be graded C/NC scale, using a scoring rubric. All papers should be prepared following the APA style manual. Papers are of varying lengths, but most successful ones are at least 15 pages.

The prospectus and rough draft are required; you must turn them in for feedback before I will accept your final project. In addition to these formal collections of your work in progress, I will be happy to give you oral or written feedback on your projects at any time during the term.