EDPSY 526, Spring 2006

Grading Policy

This course is graded CR/NC: Credit requires a grade of 3.0 or above. My intent is for your course grade to represent the extent of your learning in the course. The grading policy is structured to support that learning.

  • All written products may be revised and resubmitted at no penalty until the written work deadline. You must return your original submission and my comments with any resubmission. Revisions go in the "revised papers" file on esubmit.
  • Submit work electronically (via e-submit - button at left) You will need to have cookies enabled and use your UW NetID to use e-submit.
  • Late work: If papers are submitted on time, I promise to return them within one week. Late papers go in the "late papers" file on esubmit, and if I have time, they will be returned with the others. If not, I will try to return them as soon as possible. This becomes critical at the end of the quarter if you need to resubmit a paper and I have other obligations. So the "penalty" for late work is possibly late (or no) feedback. No papers or revisions will be accepted after the final due date.
  • Incompletes: As per UW policy, grades of "incomplete" will only be given if there is a serious medical or family emergency and you are caught up as of two weeks before the end of the quarter. If you start to fall behind in your work, please come talk to me as soon as possible so we can work out strategies for catching up.

Graded Products

Thematic Papers - 50%

Short thematic papers are a chance for you to synthesize important ideas from the readings with your own experiences as a researcher and/or practitioner. Your job is to develop a theme (position) while using ideas from the readings critically to support or challenge your own views. Thematic papers will be graded check/not-yet-check, using a checklist of criteria. You may revise and resubmit if you are not satisfied. Detailed instructions, criteria, scoring rubrics plus example papers can be found on the class website. If you decide to resubmit a thematic paper, you must attach the original submission and my comments to the revised version.

2 "checks" = 2.7, 3 "checks" = 4.0

Term Projects - 50%

Term projects are a chance for you to deepen your understanding of metacognition while exploring a problem of interest to you. You will turn in a prospectus, a rough draft, and a final draft, receiving feedback on all three submissions. For more information, click on the links below or in the navigation bar to the left.

Due Dates

Thematic Papers:

#1 April 17 (weeks 1 & 2)

#2 May 1 (weeks 4 -5)

#3 May 22 (weeks 6 - 8, pick 2 weeks, but all 3 if you like; state which weeks)

If you group them differently, clearly specify which weeks are covered in each paper. Don't forget to include at least one reading from earlier in the course on papers 2 & 3.

Term Projects

Prospectus: April 17

Draft: May 8

Final Due Date for all written work: June 4