Membrane Chix: 2005 to present
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2005 Cast Includes:

2010 lineup and a lipid bilayer:

Two gel phases:

2011 Biophysical Society Meeting:

2012 Biophysical Society Meeting:

2013 Biophysical Society Meeting:


2014 Biophysical Society Meeting:



Thank you to Avanti Polar Lipids for the fantastic Membrane Chix t-shirts.

Frances Separovic's letter to conference organizers to encourage greater diversity
Professional Skills Development Workshops for women attending APS meetings (travel paid!)
Childcare grants for attendees of APS March and April meetings
Engineergirl! to encourage girls in science and engineering.
Girls Leadership Institute to give young women communication skills.
NASA G.I.R.L.S mentoring program.
Microsoft Digigirlz Day, High Tech Camp, and online instruction.
Essay by Fog Creek about the once and future popularity of computing careers for women.
Amusing discussion of low numbers of women in CS.
In which OECD country is it best to be a working woman?

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