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John D. Scott

Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Department of Pharmacology
University of Washington
School of Medicine, Seattle, WA

Edwin G. Krebs - Speights Professor of Cell Signaling and Cancer Biology

Short Bio

John Scott is interested in the specificity of signal transduction events that are controlled by anchoring proteins, which facilitate rapid signal transduction by optimally positioning protein kinases and phosphatases in the vicinity of their activating signals and close to their substrates.

Research Summary

My research program focuses on defining the intracellular communication networks that promote specificity in signal transduction events. We have identified a family of A-kinase‚Äďanchoring proteins (AKAPs) that target the cAMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA) and other signaling enzymes to specific subcellular sites. AKAPs influence the regulation of physiological processes by bringing enzymes close to their appropriate effectors and substrates at precisely the right moment. We have made progress on establishing the AKAP model, the functional consequences of PKA anchoring, and the bigger role of AKAP signaling networks in the coordinate regulation of cellular signaling.


Model of a cell showing the location of several AKAP signaling complexes.



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