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indx_wong_img Cell Signaling in Space and Time: Where Proteins Come Together and When They're Apart. Scott JD, Pawson T. (2009) Science.320:1220-1224 hoshi

Interaction with AKAP79 modifies the cellular pharmacology of PKC. Hoshi N, Langeberg LK, Gould CM, Newton AC, Scott JD. (2010) Molecular Cell 37:541-550.

nat cell biol

Smith, F.D., Langeberg, L.K., Cellurale, C., Pawson, T., Morrison, D.K., Davis, R.J., and Scott, J.D. (2010) AKAP-Lbc enhances cAMP control of the ERK1/2 cascade. Nat. Cell. Biol. 12:1242-1249

perino mol cel

Perino, A., Ferrero, E... ., Langeberg, L... Scott, J.D., and Hirsch, E. (2011) Integrating cardiac PIP3 and cAMP signaling through a PKA anchoring function of p110γ. Mol Cell. 42:84-95.

gold pnas

Gold M, Stengel F, Nygren P, Weisbrod CR, Bruce JE, Robinson C, Barford, D, and Scott, J.D. (2011) Architecture and Dynamics of the AKAP79 Signaling Complex. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA.108: 6426-31


Gold, M., Reichow, S.L., O'Neal, S.E., Weisbrod, C.R., Langeberg, L.K., Bruce, J.E., Gonen, T., and Scott, J.D. (2012) AKAP2 anchors PKA with aquaporin-0 to support ocular lens transparency. EMBO Molecular Medicine 4:15-26