Wolf versus Fox before Judge Monkey
La Fontaine. Livre 2, nš 3 (trans. M. Moore)
Versión de La Fontaine en español/francés Versión en el Ysopet I (fable XXXVII). (LBA 321-371)

A wolf had been robbed, or so he pretended,
And named as beast to pay the penalty
A fox who lived near, who might well be suspected.
        The judge was a monkey before whom the pair pleaded--
In person -- and neither was aided legally.
        Themis had never heard justice so twisted
In a monkey's age of cases contested.
The bench sweat under the torrent of fallacies --
        With points on each side exhaustively stated,
        Bared, shrilled out, and debated.
        The judge, aware of their propensities,
Said, "Friend, I am familiar with your history
        And both of you will have to be fined;
Since you, wolf, weren't robbed and have not brought suit legitimately;
And you, fox, are a thief and stole something of some kind."

The judge maintained that whatever the facts were,
When you punish a rogue, you have not been too severe.

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