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 My C.V., Distinguished Teaching Award 2001

 My Blooming Biology article in CBE-Life Science Education 2008, Supplemental materials to article

 My MPW Biology seminar Jan 6, 2009,

  UW Trivia
This is the summer of '03
The sunniest and driest on record!
Drumheller Fountain -
- Carol Martin,Photographer 
  • Who is Drumheller?
  • Why was the fountain built?
  • How did it come to be known as Frosh Pond?
  • To get the answers to these questions click here.
Have you ever looked closely at the UW seal?

Those 4 columns were originally part of what building?

Each column has a name-
What do you think they are named?

To get the answers click here.

The UW before Red Square!

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