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Presentations - PowerPoint Slides and Handouts

Are Librarians an Endangered Species (and libraries obsolete)? Lunch speech at Serial Solutions, Sept 30, 2011. - click here.

Trading Cards Templates (for Connections 2011) - click here to download

Eisenberg. Project Information Literacy: What College Students Say About Conducting Research in the Digital Age, Selected Handouts.  click here  Feb 2011.

Eisenberg. Lessons Learned from Project Information Literacy. "Rising Junior" Workshop, click here. Nov 19, 2010.

Eisenberg. Tools Not Toys: Understanding and Effectively Teaching Today's Students. Camosun College, Victoria BC.click here. April 30, 2010.

Eisenberg. North Carolina Standards and Exams. click here. 2008.

Eisenberg and Robinson. Super3 Webinar. click here. 2008.

Mike Eisenberg talks about teacher-librarians. Dec 12, 2007.

A Value-Added View of Information Systems & Services – the LIS Connection, Class Lecture in LIS 500 - The Life Cycle of Information, Seattle, WA, October 9, 2007.

A Library WOT and SWOT: What’s Out There and what it might mean in terms of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to, for, and by Libraries . IFLA Metro Librarians Conference. Seattle Public Library, Seattle WA. May 11, 2007.

Helping With Homework and More: A Parent's Guide to Information Skills for Student Success, Seminar for iParent, an organization of Information School students, in collaboration with UW Benefits & Work⁄Life, University of Washington, WA, April 19, 2006.

Taylor's Value Added Model, Class Lecture in IMT 548 - Information Systems Design, Seattle, WA, March 10, 2006.

School Libraries: Important for Schools, Society, and Libraries . Keynote Address, Oregon Library Association Conference, Portland, Oregon April 7, 2005.

21st Century iSchool, Information and Communications University, Daejeon, Korea, October 23, 2004.

The Information Perspective, Class Lecture in IMT 500 - The Information Management Framework, Seattle, WA, October 2, 2004.

The Big6 Approach to Information Problem-Solving: Higher Education Presentation, IMT 500 Lecture, Seattle, EA, October 2, 2004.

Information Literacy - Literate Citizens in a Digital World, Southern Regional Education Board (SREB), Atlanta, GA, April 20, 2004.

Llegó nuestro momento, Asociación de Bibliotecarios Escolares de Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico, February 5, 2004.

Information Literacy, Escuela Graduada de Ciencias Y Tecnologias de la Información, University of Puerto Rico, February 4, 2004.

Fulfilling Our Destiny: From Library to Information School, Epps Lecture, School of Information Studies, Florida State University, January 30 2004.

Technology Opportunities and Challenges, "Technology, Values & the Justice System" Conference, University of Washington, January 2004.

The Whole Enchilada: Visioning, Planning, Delivering, and Selling Library & Information Programs that Make a Difference, March 2003.

Planning and Documentation Matrices to accompany "the Whole Enchildada." March 2003.

The Big6: Essential Skills for the Information Age presentation at Convengno Internazionale, University of Padua, Padua, Italy, January 31, 2003.

Our Time is Now! The Power of Information and Librarians! presentation at the NCCE Conference, Spokane WA, March 15, 2001.


Big6 Basics Webinar Handouts. May 2007.

Big6 Basics Webinar PowerPoint. May 2007.

Super3 Webinar Handouts. December 2007.

Last Updated: 10/02/11

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