Ross L. Matsueda                                        

Emeritus Professor of Sociology, University of Washington

Faculty Affiliate, Center for Studies in Demography & Ecology, Center for Statistics & the Social Sciences

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Department of Sociology                                 Department   206-543-5882

211 Savery Hall, Box 353340                          Fax                206-543-2516

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Ross L. Matsueda is Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the University of Washington, where he was previously Blumstein-Jordan Endowed Professor, Associate Chair of Sociology, and Associate Director of the Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences.  He began his career in the Badger State at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he taught in the Sociology Department for nearly ten years, moving from Assistant to Full Professor.  He was also Professor and Chair of Sociology at the University of Iowa before joining the faculty at Washington. In 2016-17 he was a Fellow at the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University.  In 2016, he was awarded the Edwin H. Sutherland Award from the American Society of Criminology.  He is a member of the Washington State Academy of Sciences, a member of the Sociological Research Association, and a Fellow of the American Society of Criminology. His research has extended and tested classical theories of crime, such as differential association, social control, and labeling.  He has also examined the implications of rational choice theories and the thought of George Herbert Mead for theorizing about crime.  His current research includes the Seattle Neighborhoods and Crime Project (a study of neighborhood social capital and codes of violence, with K. Drakulich, M. Grigoryeva, A. Barry, and others), Life Course Trajectories of Substance Use and Crime (a study of trajectories of crime and drug use and the effects of life course transitions on those trajectories, with E. Erosheva and D. Telesca), Rational Choice and Deterrence (using panel data from the Denver Youth Survey) (with E. Erosheva, C. Lanfear, K. O’Neill, and J. Leverso), Collective Action and Political Protest, with S. Pfaff and B. Robbins, and Social Capital, Collective Efficacy, and Disorder:  An Experimental Approach (with C. Lanfear and L. Beach).


Curriculum Vitae


The published and unpublished papers posted below are intended for educational purposes only and assumes strict adherence to copyright law.


Selected Recent Publications and Research Papers:


Matsueda, Ross L., and Charles C. Lanfear.  2021.  “Collective Action, Rational Choice, and Gang Delinquency:  Appreciating Short and Strodtbeck (1965 [1974]).”  Forthcoming in Social Bridges and Contexts in Criminology and Sociology:  Reflections on the Intellectual Legacy of James F. Short, Jr.  Edited by L.A. Hughes and L.M. Broidy.  New York: Routledge.


Matsueda, Ross L., Katherine K. O’Neill, and Derek A. Kreager. 2020. “Reflected Appraisals, Rational Choice, and Deterrence: A Symbolic Interactionist Theory of Crime.”  Pp. 239-72 in Identity and Symbolic Interaction:  Deepening Foundations, Building Bridges. Edited by R. Serpe, R. Stryker, and B. Powell.  Springer.


Lanfear, Charles C., Ross L. Matsueda, and Lindsey R. Beach. 2020. “Broken Windows, Informal Social Control, and Crime:  Assessing Causality in Empirical Studies.”   Annual Review of Criminology 3:97–120.


Mills, Brianna, Anjum Hajat, Frederick Rivara, Paula Nurius, Ross Matsueda, and Ali Rowhani-Rahbar. 2019. “Firearm Assault Injuries by Residence and Injury Occurrence Location.” Injury Prevention 25:112-15.. 


Leverso, John, and Ross L. Matsueda. 2019. “Gang Organization and Gang Identity:  An Integrated Theory of Disengagement from Gangs.” Journal of Quantitative Criminology 35:797-829.


Cohen-Cline, Hannah, Shirley A.A. Beresford, Wendy Barrington, Ross Matsueda, Jon Wakefield, Glen E Duncan. 2018. “Associations between Social Capital and Depression: A Study of Adult Twins.”  Health and Place. 50:1462-67.


Mills, Brianna M., Paula S. Nurius, Ross L Matsueda, Frederick P. Rivara, and Ali Rowhani-Rahbar. 2018 “Prior Arrest, Substance Use, and Mental Disorder Diagnosis and Risk of Intent-Specific Firearm Injury: A Case-Control Study.  American Journal of Preventive Medicine 55:298-307.


Cohen-Cline, Shirley AA Beresford, Wendy Barrington, Ross L. Matsueda, Jon Wakefield, and Glen E. Duncan. 2018. “Associations between Neighborhood Characteristics and Depression: A Twin Study.”  Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health 72:202-207.


Wang, Y. Samuel, Ross L. Matsueda, and Elena A. Erosheva. 2017. “A Variational EM Method for Mixed Membership Models for Multivariate Rank Data:  An Analysis of Public Policy Preferences.”  Annals of Applied Statistics. 11:1452-1480.


Matsueda, Ross L. 2017. “The 2016 Sutherland Address:  ‘Toward an Analytical Criminology: The Micro-Macro Problem, Causal Mechanisms, and Public Policy.’” Criminology 55:493-519


Matsueda, Ross L., and Kevin Drakulich. 2016. “Measuring Collective Efficacy:  A Multi-Level Measurement Model for Nested Data.”  Sociological Methods and Research 45(2): 191-230.


Matsueda, Ross L. 2014. “Social Structure, Culture, and Crime:  Assessing Kornhauser’s Challenge to Criminology.”  Pp. 117-143 in F. T. Cullen, P. Wilcox, R. J. Sampson, and B. D. Dooley. (Eds). Challenging Criminological Theory: The Legacy of Ruth Kornhauser—Advances in Criminological Theory, Volume 19. New Brunswick, NJ: Transactions Publishers.


Matsueda, Ross L., and Maria S. Grigoryeva. 2014. “Social Inequality, Crime, and Deviance.”  Forthcoming in Handbook of the Social Psychology of Inequality, edited by J. D. McLeod, E. J. Lawler, and M. L. Schwalbe.  New York, NY: Springer.


Erosheva, Elena A., Ross L. Matsueda, and Donatello Telesca. 2014. “Breaking Bad: Two Decades of Life Course Data Analysis in Criminology, Developmental Psychology, and Beyond.”  Annual Review of Statistics and Its Applications 1:301-32. Edited by S.E. Fienberg.  New!


Matsueda, Ross L. 2013. “The Macro-Micro Problem in Criminology Revisited.”  The Criminologist 38(1):1-7.


Matsueda, Ross L. 2013. “Rational Choice Research in Criminology:  A Multi-Level Approach.”  Pp. 283-321in Handbook of Rational Choice Social Research, edited by R. Wittek, T. Snijders, and V. Nee.  Palo Alto:  Stanford University Press.


Telesca, Donatello, Elena A. Erosheva, Derek A. Kreager, and Ross L. Matsueda. 2012. Modeling Criminal Careers as Departures from a Unimodal Population Age-Crime Curve: The Case of Marijuana Use.”  Journal of the American Statistical Association 107:1427-1440.  (JASA featured article for January 2013; free downloads for 90 days until March 18, 2013:


Matsueda, Ross L. 2012. “Key Advances in the History of Structural Equation Modeling.”  Pp. 17-42 in Handbook of Structural Equation Modeling.  Edited by R. H. Hoyle.  New York: Guilford Press.


Matsueda, Ross L., Kevin Drakulich, John Hagan, Lauren J. Krivo, and Ruth D. Peterson. 2012. “Crime, Perceptions of Criminal Injustice, and Electoral Politics.”  Pp. 323-341 in The American National Election Study Book of Ideas.  Edited by J. Aldrich and K. McGraw.  Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.


Kreager, Derek A., Ross L. Matsueda, and Elena A. Erosheva. 2010. “Motherhood and Criminal Desistance in Disadvantaged Neighborhoods.”  Criminology Vol. 48:221-258. New!


    See also, “Motherhood:  A Remedy for Female Crime?”  Pathways: A Magazine on Poverty, Inequality, and Social Policy Summer 2010.  Center for the Study of Poverty and Inequality.  Page 7.


Matsueda, Ross L. 2009. “Toward a New Criminology of Genocide:  Theory, Method, and Politics.”  Theoretical Criminology 13:495-502.


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Matsueda, Ross L. 2008. “On the Compatibility of Social Disorganization and Self Control.” Pp. 102-126 in Out of Control:  Assessing the General Theory of Crime.   Edited by Erich Goode.  Stanford, CA:  Stanford University Press.


Matsueda, Ross L. 2006. “Differential Social Organization, Collective Action, and Crime.”  Crime, Law, and Social Change 46:3-33. 


Matsueda, Ross L. 2006.  “Criminological Implications of the Thought of George Herbert Mead.”  Pp. 77-108 in Sociological Theory and Criminological Research: Views from Europe and the United States, edited by Mathieu Deflem.  Oxford, UK:  Elsevier Science


Matsueda, Ross L, Kevin Drakulich and Charis E. Kubrin.  2006. “Race and Neighborhood Codes of the Street.”  Pp. 199-220 in The Many Colors of Crime: Inequalities of Race, Ethnicity, and Crime in America, edited by Ruth D. Peterson, Lauren J. Krivo, and John Hagan.  New York University Press.


Crutchfield, Robert D., Ross L. Matsueda, and Kevin Drakulich. 2006.  “Race, Labor Markets, and Neighborhood Violence.”  Pp. 335-356 in The Many Colors of Crime: Inequalities of Race, Ethnicity, and Crime in America, edited by Ruth D. Peterson, Lauren J. Krivo, and John Hagan.  New York University Press.


Guest, Avery M., Jane K. Cover, Charis E. Kubrin, and Ross L. Matsueda.  2006.  “Neighborhood Context and Neighboring Ties.  City & Community 5:363-385.


Hao, Lingxin, and Ross L. Matsueda. 2006. “Family Dynamics Through Childhood: A Sibling Model of Behavior Problems.”  Social Science Research 35:500-524.


Matsueda, Ross L., Derek A. Kreager, and David Huizinga.  2006. “Deterring Delinquents:  A Rational Choice Model of Theft and Violence.”  American Sociological Review 71:95-122.



Other Selected Publications:



Matsueda, Ross L., and Kathleen Anderson. 1998. “The Dynamics of Delinquent Peers and Delinquent Behavior.”  Criminology 36:269-308.


Matsueda, Ross L., and Karen Heimer. 1997. "A Symbolic Interactionist Theory of Role Transitions, Role Commitments, and Delinquency."  Pp. 163-213 in Advances in Criminological Theory, Vol. 7, Developmental Theories of Crime and Delinquency, edited by Terence P. Thornberry.  New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction.


Bartusch, Dawn Jeglum, and Ross L. Matsueda. 1996. "Gender, Reflected Appraisals, and Labeling:  A Cross-Group Test of an Interactionist Theory of Delinquency."  Social Forces 75:145-176.


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Matsueda, Ross L., Rosemary Gartner, Irving Piliavin, and Michael Polakowski. 1992. "The Prestige of Criminal and Conventional Occupations:  A Subcultural Model of Criminal Activity."  American Sociological Review 57:752-70.


Matsueda, Ross L. 1992. "Reflected Appraisals, Parental Labeling, and Delinquent Behavior: Specifying a Symbolic Interactionist Theory."  American Journal of Sociology 97:1577-1611


Bielby, William T., and Ross L. Matsueda. 1991. “Statistical Power in Linear Nonrecursive Models.”  Pp. 167-197 in Sociological Methodology 1991, edited by Peter V. Marsden.  Oxford: Basil Blackwell.


Matsueda, Ross L. 1988. "The Current State of Differential Association Theory."  Crime and Delinquency 34:277-306. 


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Matsueda, Ross L. 1982. "Testing Control Theory and Differential Association:  A Causal Modeling Approach."  American Sociological Review 47:489‑504.



Papers in Progress or Under Submission:


Matsueda, Ross L., Blaine G. Robbins, and Steven J. Pfaff.  2020. “Under What Conditions Are Students Willing to Protest?  Selective Incentives, Critical Mass, and Collective Action.”


Robbins, Blaine G., Ross L. Matsueda, and Steven J. Pfaff. 2020. “Mapping the Production and Mobilization Functions of Collective Action.”



Current Research Projects:


Selective Incentives, Critical Mass, and Collective Action


Social Capital, Collective Efficacy, and Disorder:  An Experimental Approach


Seattle Neighborhoods and Crime Project


Deterrence, Rational Choice, Identities, and Delinquency


Life Course Trajectories of Substance Use and Crime


Family Dynamics and Child Behavior Problems




Sociology 371 Criminology Spring 2012


Sociology 574 Seminar in Methods in Criminological Research Fall 2011


Sociology 587B Deviance and Social Control Seminar Spring 2011


Sociology 529 (CS&SS 526) Structural Equation Models Fall 2009


Sociology 472 Juvenile Delinquency



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