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Curriculum Vitae


2014. Victoria Lawson and Sarah Elwood.  Encountering Poverty: Space, class and poverty politics. Antipode 46(1), 209-228.

2014.  Progress Handbook of Human Geography.  R. Lee (lead editor), Castree, N. Lawson, V.,Paasi, A., Philo, C., Roberts, S., Radcliffe, S., and Withers, C., (Eds.)  London:Sage.

2013.  Sarah Elwood and Victoria Lawson.  Who’s Crisis? Spatial Imaginaries of Class, Poverty and Vulnerability.  Environment and Planning A 45(1), 103-108.

2012. Solís, P., Adams, J., Duram, L., Hume, S., Kuslikis, A., Lawson, V., Miyares, I., Padgett, D., Ramírez, A. .Diverse Experiences in Diversity at the Geogrpahy Department Scale. Accepted The Professional Geographer.

2012. Kobayashi, A, Lawson, V., Sanders, R. The Whitening of the Public University: The Context for Diversifying Geography. Accepted The Professional Geographer.

2012. Victoria Lawson with the Middle Class Poverty Politics Research Group. De-centering Poverty Studies: middle class alliances and the social construction of poverty.  Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography.

2011. Atkinson, S, Lawson, V. and Wiles, J. Guest editors of a special issue of Social and Cultural Geography titled ‘Care of the body: spaces of practice. Papers by S. Atkinson, S. Bowlby, E. Hall, M. Green and V. Lawson and J. Wiles. Volume 12 (6): 563-622.

2011. Atkinson, S., Lawson, V. and Wiles, J. Editorial Introduction. Care of the body: spaces of practice. Social and Cultural Geography12(6): 563-572.

2011. Maia Green and Victoria Lawson. Displacing Care. Social and Cultural Geography. 12(6): 639-654.

2010. Victoria Lawson. ‘Reshaping Economic Geography? Producing spaces of inclusive development.’ Economic Geography 86(4): 351-360.

2010. Victoria Lawson. ‘Composing our Careers: Susan Hanson’s Contributions to Geography and Geographers’ Gender Place and Culture 17(1): 49-54.

2010.  Victoria Lawson, Lucy Jarosz and Anne Bonds.  ‘Dumping grounds and unseen grounds: placing race, ethnicity and poverty in the American Northwest’, Annals of the Association of American Geographers 100(3) 655-677.

2010.  Strategic Directions for the Geographical Sciences.  (V. Lawson, committee member) Forthcoming, Washington DC: National Academy Press.

2009. Lee, R., Castree, N., Lawson, V., Paasi, A., Radcliffe, S., and Withers, C. ‘Progress in Human Geography?’ Progress in Human Geography33 (1), 3-6.

2009.  Victoria Lawson.  ‘Instead of radical geography, how about caring geography?’ Antipode, 41 (1), 210-213.

2009.  Victoria Lawson and Asuncion St. Clair.  ‘Poverty and Global Environmental Change’ IHDP Update, 2: 35-39.

2008.  Victoria Lawson, Lucy Jarosz and Anne Bonds.  ‘Building economies from the bottom-up: (mis)representations of poverty in the American Northwest’ Social and Cultural Geography9 (7), 737-753.

2007.  Victoria Lawson.  Making Development GeographyInvited book for the Arnold Series, Human Geography in the Making, series editor, Alexander Murphy.

2007.  Victoria Lawson.  Guest editor of forum section in the Annals of the Association of American Geographers, titled ‘Geographies of Fear and Hope’ 97(2).

2007.  Victoria Lawson.  ‘Geographies of Care and Responsibility’ Annals of the Association of American Geographers 97(1), 1-11.

Work in Progress

2013.  (with Sarah Elwood and Sam Nowak) ‘Middle class place-making and poverty politics’ in submission to the Annals of the Association of American Geographers.

2013. (with Kim England) ‘A Crisis of Care and a Crisis of Borders: a politics of the global intimate’ in preparation for submission to the Annals of the Association of American Geographers.

2013.  (with Sarah Elwood, Santiago Canevaro and Nicolas Viotti) ‘Poverty Politics Post-Crisis in Argentina and the U.S.: Class subjects and relational practices in urban neighborhoods’.  in preparation for submission to TIBG.



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