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Professor of Geography, Director University Honors

Danny_Vicky_Paulina_2016Director of the University Honors Program; Co-founder of the Relational Poverty Network (with Sarah Elwood); Past-President of the Association of American Geographers (AAG); Marsha Landolt Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award winner; former Chair of the Department of Geography at the University of Washington, and committed teacher. My work draws on critical poverty studies and feminist care ethics to collaborate in building alternative understandings of impoverishment and social alliances to address inequality.

Recent publications: i) Lawson, V. and Elwood, S. (Eds.). 2018. Relational Poverty Politics: forms, struggles and possibilities University of Georgia Press. ii) Lawson, V. and Elwood, S. 2017. Hegemonies are not totalities! Repoliticizing poverty as a site of resistance. Soundings. 65 Spring Issue. iii) Gillespie, K. and Lawson, V.  2017. My Dog is my Home: Multi-species Care and Poverty Politics in Los Angeles, CA and Austin, TX. Gender, Place and Culture. iv) Elwood, S and Lawson, V.  2017. Neutralizing Homelessness: Federal Policy and the De-Politicization of Poverty Urban Geography 38(3), 329-331. v) Elwood, S., Lawson, V. and Sheppard, E.  2016. Relational Geographical Poverty Studies.  Progress in Human Geography pp. 1-21 (DOI: 10.1177/0309132516659706).


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