Kam Wing Chan  http://faculty.washington.edu/kwchan/chinese.GIF

 BA; MSc., Hong Kong
Ph.D, Toronto, 1988

Current Positions at University of Washington

Research Interests

  • Urban and economic geography; migration; labor market, urban finance; China.


Recent Major Grants and Contract Research

  • Consultant for McKinsey Global Institute, 2007-09, for a project entitled “Preparing for China’s Urban Billion.”
  • Consultant for the United Nations Population Division, 2007-08, research on internal migration in China and advice for World Urbanization Prospect projects.
  • Co-PI, Hong Kong Research Grants Council, 2005-08, for a research project on China’s urban administrative hierarchy and economic development.
  • Consultant for the World Bank, 1999-2001, and 2003-2005 for a research and policy project on urban development strategy in China (with China’s National Development and Reform Commission)
  • PI, National Science Foundation, 1997-2002, Collaborative research on "Recent Migration in China and the Impact of the Hukou System".
  • PI, Henry Luce Foundation, 1997-2002, research project: "Internal Migration in China: the Hukou System, Labor Market and Social Change"
  • Co-PI, Ford Foundation, 2000-2001, Chinese Public Policy Research Grant for a project on urban unemployment and migration in China.


Current Editorial Positions

·       Eurasian Geography and Economics, Co-Editor

·       The China Review: An Interdisciplinary Journal on Greater China, Editorial Board

·        Demography, Editorial Board

·       Journal of China in Comparative Perspective, Executive Editor

·       Asian Geographer, Editorial Board



Selected Publications


Books and Edited Volumes:

杨云彦、蔡昉、陈金永、王德文, 2004. , 中国统计出版社 (Yang Yunyan, Cai Fang, Kam Wing Chan, and Wang Dewen, 2004. Employment and Transition of Labor Market, Beijing: Chinese Statistical Press, 298 pp.

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Chan, Kam Wing, 1994. Cities with Invisible Walls: Reinterpreting Urbanization in Post-1949 China, Oxford University Press, 194 pp.


Recent Articles and Book Chapters:

Chan, Kam Wing, 2012. “Crossing the 50 Percent Population Rubicon: Can China Urbanize to Prosperity?” Eurasian Geography and Economics, Vo1.53, No.1, pp.63-86.

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Unpublished Manuscripts (under preparation)


Current Research Projects on China

·        Internal migration and the hukou reforms

·        City population statistics

·        Spatial administrative hierarchy

·        Urbanization and land conversion

·        Cities and regional development

·        Urban social geography and suburbanization


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