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Projects from recent and distant past: Apologies, some of the links may be broken.

   Games-Themed Assignments


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Funded by NSF, we study approaches to build casual games APIs for teaching CS1/2 concepts.


Here is the link to the details about this project: Learn Programming by Building Casual Games 

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Funded by Microsoft Research, we study approaches to attract and motivate students with computer games-based programming assignments.


Here is the link to the details about this project: Games-Themed Assignments. 



 Recent Projects



o    Kinect-Math: Uses the XBOX 360 Kinect to help junior high students learn algebra kinesthetically.

o    Students: Jack Chang and Jebediah Pavleas.

o    People talk about this project: KinectMath Teaching Tool, Classrooms of Tomorrow, Channel-9, UW Daily News, UW Today, GeekWire, Microsoft Education Taiwan (in Chinese).

o    Competitions:

§  Winner of “ What will you create” contest held by KinectEducation.com.

§  Selection to the US Imagine Cup 2012 Final Round: software design.

o    Dream Coder: 2D RPG Game for teaching and learning introductory programming courses. Faculty and students do not need to have any background in either computer graphics or games; and students have the option to compile their code in either game mode or console mode without any modifications.

o    Students: Jack Chang, Long Dang, Howard Lee, Vince Ly, Antonio Martinez, Jebediah Pavleas, Stephen Jonany.

o    Collaborator: Jason Bay, Griptonite Games.

o    Experiment with teaching CS AP: Principles course using video games, and animations.

o    Here is the course web-site (BCUSP 110)

o    People blog about this course: CS AP at UWB.


 Recent Serious Games


Web-game: Conquer The Campus: Tell us what you think: Survey (V1 Release: March 2011).

§  Mini-game: UWB Match’em : Tell us what you think: UWB Match’em Survey

§  Mini-game: Crow Defense: Tell us what you think: Crow Defense Survey

§  Mini-game: Crow Whisperer: Tell us what you think: Crow Whisperer Survey

    Sammy UWB: Campus tour games. Same character, across multiple platforms (Web, Zune, Mobile Phone).


Web-game: Sammy goes to UWB. (V1 Release: May 2010). Please share your experience playing this game: Web-game Survey

Zune-game: Come to campus, UW1-Reception Desk, you can check out a Zune and play an augmented reality game on the Zune while you explore our library solving a “who did it” mystery! (V1 Release: May 2010). Please share your experience playing this game: Zune-game Survey

Android phone game: On your Android Phone, serve to Market Place and search for UWB. Download the game, come to our campus and help Sammy register/explore campus for the first day of class! (V1 Release: Oct 2010).Please share your experience playing this game: Android-game Survey



   Teaching and Learning of Computer Graphics


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Funded by the National Science Foundation, we study approaches to teaching and learning fundamental concepts in building interactive computer graphics applications.

Here is the link to the details about this project: Teaching Computer graphics.

Courses benefited direction from this work include:

CSS450 – Introduction to Computer Graphics.

CSS451 – 3D Computer Graphics.


   Some stuff from a while ago.






A while ago, I worked on motion blur algorithms, and on distributing image reconstruction over loosely coupled machines. Here are some details.


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