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Computing and Software Systems
University of Washington Bothell


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   Computing and Software Systems
   University of Washington, Bothell
   18115 Campus Way NE
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   Bothell WA 98011-8246

PhD in Computer Science, 1992
MS in Computer Science, 1990
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
BS in Electrical Engineering, 1986
    University of Wisconsin--Madison

This is my vita.

Research Interest:

My recent work is related to teaching and learning of computer graphics and foundational concepts in programming based on computer games. In general, I enjoy learning about the role technology plays in facilitating human communication of ideas and how to distribute communication workload to a loosely coupled network of computers. I am also interested in Computer Graphics, all aspects of image generation, especially in visibility determination, and algorithms concerning temporal anti-aliasing; Computer Hardware and Architecture; Information Visualization; and Virtual Reality.

Current Projects:

Cross Reality Collaboration Sandbox: We study the support for collaborations across geographical distances that involve technological configurations which allow users operate in the continuum between physical and virtual realities.

Learn Programming by Building Casual Games: funded by the National Science Foundation, we study approaches to teaching and learning fundamental concepts by building fun casual games.


Games-Themed Introductory Programming Project: funded by Microsoft Research, we study approaches to attract and motivate students with games-based teaching materials.


Teaching and Graphics Stuff:

  • CSS Courses: I am interested in teaching senior level algorithm and graphics classes.
  • Graphics/Games Links: Here are some links to popular graphics/games companies/discussion sites, etc.
  • Graphics/Games Resources: Here are some links to popular public domain resources suitable for developing graphics/games applications.



Build a 2D Game Physics Engine (12/2016). Link to publisher’s web-site

Here is the link to all source code of this book.


Build your own 2D Game Engine (10/2015). Link to publisher's web-site

Here is the link to run the examples on-line.

Learn 2D Game Development with C# (12/2013). Link to publisher's web-site

Here is the link to all source code of this book.

Essentials of Interactive Computer Graphics: Concepts and Implementation (8/2008).

Link to source codes of examples in the book (including more than 80 examples in C++/C# in D3D, OpenGL, XNA Framework). Here is the book’s main website.

Fundamentals of Computer Graphics, Third Edition. (2009).

Here is the Source Code for Chap 19. Here is the link to the book website.

Fundamentals of Computer Graphics, Second Edition. (2005).

Here is the Source Code for Chap 18. Here is the link to Shirley’s book website.

Personal Stuff:
      Past Experience. This is what I did before joining CSS.
      Family Stuff. I have a great family with two great kids.
      Personal Stuff. I kind of wandered around a little ...

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