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Kelvin From No Where Sung

Kelvin was born in Taiwan, raised in Singapore, and educated in the North America. People from Taiwan think he's from Singapore, people from Singapore think he's from Taiwan, and people form North America think he's from the orient. Personally, Kelvin does not think. I think he's from hell.

As far as Kelvin knows, he is the world record holder for "the number of countries a person has dropped out from high schools from", or something like that. Confused by life, in the early 80's, Kelvin dropped out from high schools in Singapore, US, and Canada, in that order. During his drop-out days, he worked as a butcher in New York City, a bus-boy in California, and a mud-digging laborer on an island off Singapore.

Tired of dropping out from high schools, he went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison to do a BS in Electrical Engineering. After getting his MS and PhD in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, he went back to Singapore to teach Computer Graphics in the Department of Information Systems and Computer Science, National University of Singapore. Bothered by not having anyone used any of the software systems he has developed, Kelvin joined Alias|Wavefront in Toronto, Canada (now part of Autodesk: Alias and Maya) to help them develop their new generation image synthesis system.

Kelvin joined the CSS program at UW Bothell in Fall of 1999.

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