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Kelvin Sung
Associate Professor
Computing and Software Systems
University of Washington Bothell


Computing and Software Systems        UW Bothell   

My life before UW Bothell:


B.S.E.E. with second major in Computer Science

University of Wisconsin - Madison



M.S. and PhD. in Computer Science

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

This is where I started to know a little bit about computer graphics. I was first involved in the design and implementation of the XGKS and UI-PEX systems. After which, I concentrated my research efforts in accelerating photorealistic image generation algorithms. As part of my PhD research, I designed a custom parallel machine based on a greatly simplified version of the z-buffer hardware to accelerate the generation of ray trace images.



Assistant Professor

DISCS, NUS, Singapore

After graduation, I accepted a tenure track faculty position from the Department of Information Systems and Computer Science (DISCS), National University of Singapore (NUS) and started teaching Computer Graphics at both graduate and undergraduate levels. While at NUS, I continued my research in parallel ray tracing. I also collaborated with researchers from the Institute of System Science (ISS), NUS in investigating visualization algorithms in the medical imaging area. Just as when I was leaving NUS, I became one of the chief investigators in an augmented reality project where my colleagues and I were studying different ways of automatically integrating computer generated objects into real life photographs.



Senior Software Engineer / Software Architect

Alias|Wavefront, Toronto, Canada (now part of Autodesk: Alias and Maya)

I joined the rendering group at Alias|Wavefront to help design and develop the Maya Renderer, their next generation rendering system. The system was designed from scratch and implemented entirely in C++. The finished product was delivered in 1998. The Maya Renderer was designed to handle very large data sets, and to generate very high quality images. We have paid special attention in addressing the problems involved in maintaining the consistency of image quality over an animation. We have also studied and addressed some of the problems in existing motion blur algorithms.



Associate Professor / Professor

Computer and Software Systems

University of Washington - Bothell


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