Current Lab Members

  • Julie

    Julie Keister


  • Microscope team!

    Microscope team 2014!

  • Amanda Winans

    Amanda Winans

    Amanda is our lead Research Scientist who keeps everything working smoothly in the lab and field. She has a M.S. from WWU where she studied marine jellyfish ecology.

  • Anna McLaskey

    Anna McLaskey

    Anna is studying the effects of ocean acidification on crustacean zooplankton for her Ph.D. research.

  • Kathryn Beaumont

    Kathryn Beaumont

    Katie is studying behavioral responses of Dungeness crab larvae to oxygen, pH, and temperature gradients for her graduate research.

  • BethElLee Herrmann

    BethElLee Herrmann

    BethElLee started in our lab as a volunteer, then REU undergraduate intern. She is working on a manuscript on the effects of seasonal hypoxia on jellyfish community composition. She is also currently a research technician on the Salish Sea Marine Survival Project and other studies.



Former Lab Members

  • Lingbo Li

    Dr. Lingbo Li

    Lingbo is an ecosystem modeler who is focusing on food web dynamics in regions that experience seasonal hypoxia for her post-doctoral research in our lab. She received her Ph.D. from U.BC in Vancouver, Canada. see Lingbo's previous web page

  • Matthew Grodzins

    Matthew Grodzins

    Matthew did his undergraduate senior thesis research on the physiological response of the copepod Calanus pacificus to hypoxia. His paper was recently published in the Journal of Plankton Research. Congratulations, Matthew!

  • Cristina Villalobos

    Cristina Villalobos

    Cristina spent a summer with our lab studying the effect of ocean acidification on copepod respiration and growth as part of a McNair Scholar research internship. She is an undergraduate in Marine Sciences at California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB).

  • Julia in the cold room

    Julie Brueggeman

    Julia was an NSF REU summer intern who studied the effects of pH on copepod reproduction. She is an undergraduate at Occidental College with interests in climate impacts on marine ecosystems.

  • Rachel Wilborn

    Rachel Wilborn

    Rachel has her M.S. from the University of West Florida where she studied fish physiology. Rachel was a technician on the Salish Sea Marine Survival Project, conducting taxonomy of Puget Sound zooplankton. She is currently working at the NOAA AFSC in Seattle.

  • Audrey Djunaedi

    Audrey Djunaedi

    Audrey studied zooplankton distributions and developed automated image processing methods for zooplankton analysis in our lab for her senior capstone research. She was a Mary Gates Scholar and went on for a graduate degree at Simon Fraser University.

  • Jonathan Lambert

    Jonathan Lambert

    Jonathan was a NOAA Hollings Scholar who studied the effects of ocean acidification on early life stages on zooplankton. He went on to pursue an M.A. program in Climate and Society at Columbia University.

  • Bridget Begay

    Bridget Begay

    Bridget studied changes in deep scattering layers under varying oxygen concentration in Puget Sound as a research internship with our lab. She is currently pursuing a B.S. in Marine Biology at the University of Oregon.

  • Zack Oyafuso

    Zack Oyafuso

    Zack conducted his SAFS undergraduate capstone research project on changes in zooplankton communities in regions of Puget Sound that are affected by seasonal hypoxia. Zack graduated from UW and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Hawaii.

  • Tricia Tibodeaux

    Tricia Tibodeaux

    Tricia was a NOAA Hollings Scholar who spent a summer conducting experiments on the effects of ocean acidification on copepods and pteropods. She graduated from Bowdoin and is pursuing a Ph.D. at VIMS.

  • Loren Tuttle

    Loren Tuttle

    Loren was a Research Scientist in the lab. He is currently a lead Marine Technician in the department.

  • Janice Jensen

    Janice Jensen

    Janice volunteered at sea and in the lab to help examine zooplankton distributions in relation to oxygen dynamics. Janice has a BS in Biology from the University of Puget Sound and is currently in the Graduate Program in Marine Conservation and Policy at Stony Brook University.

  • Karissa Lear

    Karissa Lear

    Karissa had a JISAO summer internship on the effects of increased pCO2 on copepods in Puget Sound. She is currently completing her B.S. at Bowdoin.