Graduate student opportunities

I do not currently anticipate recruiting students to begin in Fall 2015. However, motivated, hard-working students interested in joining my lab to pursue their graduate studies are encouraged to apply for NSF, NSERC, and other fellowships in Fall 2014 (keep an eye out for early deadlines!), then to apply to Graduate School.

Please be sure that you meet all of the admissions requirements of the UW School of Oceanography. When you apply, also send me your CV and an informal statement of your interests and how they apply to my research so that I know to look for your application when it comes in.

Volunteer opportunities:

I am frequently looking for volunteers to assist with field collections, experimental set-up, and miscellaneous lab work. If you live in the Seattle area and can be available either on a continuous basis or sporadically at short notice, and are interested in getting experience with zooplankton, please contact me to talk about potential opportunites. Zooplankton identification experience is greatly welcomed!

Undergraduate opportunities:

I have a variety of projects that would be excellent capstone research projects or could be done for undergraduate credit hours. Contact me if you are interested and have at least 10 hrs per week to devote to lab work.



Processing MultiNet samples on the R/V Barnes
Deploying the vertical net
Dolphin off the bow of the R/V Thompson