Psychology 448: Autumn 2012

    UW Policy: Establishing Expectations for Student Conduct

    "To establish an atmosphere where students can learn and have that learning assessed equitably, instructors may forbid conduct that distracts other students and/or interferes with their ability to teach, including such things as:

    • use of cell phones, pagers, music or video players
    • loud talking or whispering
    • eating and drinking

    When students violate the rules that have been established to promote learning, you may ask them to stop their disruptive behavior or leave the class. (From the Student Conduct Code, WAC 478-120-020 (5): An instructor has the authority to exclude a student from any class session in which the student is disorderly or disruptive.)"


    I expect you to behave while you are in class. This means that cell phones must be turned off during class time, and sleeping, eating (in any way other than discreetly), and resting your feet on the desk in front of you are forbidden. Anyone who violates these rules will be asked to leave.

  1. Email
  2. I am available to answer emails during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 9 am to 5 pm). If you send me an email, you must use correct grammar and punctuation, without typographical errors. Otherwise, I will not reply or acknowledge receipt. Emails must also begin with a salutation that doesn't include the word "Hey" and end with your name and student number.

  3. Classroom Atmosphere
  4. Finally, to establish a class atmosphere in which you can ask questions and in which I can have discussions with the class and perform demonstrations, I ask that if you come to class, please come to learn. If you want to chat with classmates, read the newspaper, eat or drink, etc., then please go elsewhere. These behaviors distract your classmates. If a classmate asks me a question during lecture, please show her or him respect by not starting to talk. Remember, no one is taking attendance or making you come to class. In sum, come to class because you want to, and because you wish to learn about psychology. For my part, I will do my very best to make lectures informative and interesting. Thanks.


Upcoming Assignments

Paper #2 is due Friday October, 5, 2012.

Course Reading

The readings will be available on September 24, 2012.

Final Exam

There is no final exam for this course.