Science Fiction Novels
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Fermi's Question.

Fermi's Question
is my third hard SF novel. It is the sequel to Einstein's Bridge (see below).  It was published as an ebook (only) in June-2023 by Baen Books and can be purchased online at or ..

     It is set mainly at the headquarters of the Iris Foundation on Lopez Island, one of the San Juan Islands in Puget Sound in Washington State.  It has been 15 years since the events of Einsteinís Bridge. George and Alice Griffin and Roger Coulton have established the Iris Foundation, a powerful island-isolated research organization tasked with exploiting the technologies learned from the Makers, re-learning Maker techniques for creating wormholes, reestablishing contact with the Makers, and protecting Earth from Hive invasions. Sparked by a new idea from Roger, Iris researchers finally master wormhole technology and use accelerated wormholes to create Fermi Station in the Oort Cloud. Contact is established with the Makers and the Centaurs, a justice-seeking robotic civilization in our galaxy. The triple alliance mounts a three-pronged attack on the Hive world, destroying the Hive and one of its colonies. A second Hive colony cannot be located and could pose a future problem. Iris launches an armada of accelerated wormholes to probe nearby star systems and establishes a colonization base on Orca, an Earth-like moon of Bowhead, a giant planet in the Tau Ceti system. Mankind has reached the stars.


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Einstein's Bridge.
Einstein's Bridge is my second novel.  It was originally published in hardcover and trade-paperback in June-1997 by Avon Books.  It has been re-published as an ebook (only) in May-2023 by Baen Books and can be purchased online at  or .

     Somewhere in the Multiverse, in a lab distant from the Makersí Planet, Tunnel Maker, Creator of Bridges, answers an alarm. His inter-universe probe is detecting signals from another bubble universe, indicating that some new high-intelligence alien species is doing high-energy physics and creating hyperdimensional signals. Tunnel Maker knows that, in another bubble universe, the predatory Hive Mind should be receiving the same signals. It is time to make a Bridge . . .

     George Griffin, experimental physicist working at the newly operational Superconducting Super Collider (SSC), observes a proton-proton collision that doesnít make sense. He chases it down and discovers a Bridgehead, a wormhole link to the Makersí universe. With help from theorist Roger Coulton and writer Alice Lancaster, he establishes communication with the Makers, only to learn that a Hive invasion of Earth is imminent. As the Hive invasion is destroying humanity, by wormhole the Makers transport George and Roger back to 1987, where they must undertake the task of manipulating the Reagan, Bush, and Clinton administrations to change the future and prevent construction of the SSC.


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Twistor is my first hard SF novel. It was published in hardcover by Wm. Morrow in 1989, in mass market paperback by Avon Books in 1991, and reprinted by Avon Books in 1997 in a slightly revised 2nd printing of the mass-market paperback edition.  It is currently available in a Dover reprint edition online at or .

    It is set in my former office in the old Physics Hall of the University of Washington in Seattle.  Twistor is about an accidental breakthrough discovery in a "table-top" physics experiment in a condensed matter physics laboratory. A young physicist and the two small children of a friend are transposed to a parallel "shadow matter" version of Earth, a forest world inhabited by exotic six-legged "shadow" animals, and they must find a way to return home.

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