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Jawi Literature:

Note: Some of these papers on Jawi literature are permanently archived at ResearchWorks at the University of Washington.

Online Publications:

  • Papers on Islamic Philosophy, Theology and Mysticism. A PDF file of 84 pages containing the following papers and lectures:
    • A Lecture on Islamic Philosophy
    • Ibn Sina's Justification of the Use of Induction in Demonstration
    • Al-Abhari and al-Maybudi on God's Existence
    • A Lecture on Islamic Theology
    • Rational and Scriptural Proofs in Islamic Theology
    • al-Jami on Whether an Eternal Effect Can Result from an Agent with Choice
    • `Abd al-Rahman al-Jami's Argument for the Existence of Existence
    • The Sufi Position with Respect to the Problem of Universals
    These papers are also available as individual files below.
    Note: The permanent URL for this file is: http://hdl.handle.net/1773/4883.

These papers are also permanently archived at ResearchWorks at the University of Washington

Out-of-Date Material:

  • My Original Web Page. This site is now completely out of date. It may nevertheless prove useful for people who are still using old software in old computers. It contains some samples of Arabic html files which can be used for testing various Internet browsers. It also contains a sample of an ArabTeX file showing how Arabic poetry can be formatted in two columns. There is also information on using Arabic and Persian on a Linux box.
  • My Old Anonymous FTP Site. The files here are also for the most part out of date, but some of the information on character sets and conversion to and from various Arabic and Persian code pages may be of interest to some. There are also some Arabic texts in various encodings.
  • al-Qur'an al-Karim. This is a zipped package containing the complete text of the Qur'an in both ISO 8859-6 encoding (quran-8859-6.txt) and in UTF-8 encoding (quran-utf8.txt) as well as Pickthall's English translation of the Qur'an (pickthall.txt). These are all plain-text files. The Arabic text of the Qur'an is unvocalized and in modern Arabic orthography (rasm imla'i) rather than traditional Qur'anic orthography (rasm `uthmani). The text is therefore easy to search because there is no need to vocalize the words or phrases being searched for. It is also easy to copy verses and to paste them into other files.
    The original source of the Arabic text as well as Pickthall's translation is apparently the Islamic Computing Centre in London. The files seem to have been uploaded in 1993 to a number of ftp sites by Mohammad Jamil Sawar, CBLU, Leeds University, Leeds LS2 9JT, U.K. (sawar@cbl.leeds.ac.uk). See the two files sawarmessage1.txt and sawarmesasge2.txt.
    Unfortunately, the digitized Qur'anic text has a number of minor errors. These are listed in the corrections.txt file. Make sure, therefore, that you check the Qur'anic text against these corrections or against a printed mushaf.
    For other digitized versions of the Qur'an in MS Word (.doc) format go to http://qurankareem.info/. To view these files you will need Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer. You may also have to download some Arabic fonts. These texts of the Qur'an are fully vocalized, so if you want to search for words and phrases you will have to vocalize the words you search for. You can, however, easily copy verses and paste them into other files.

Arabic Transliteration Systems:


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