A few years ago we moved to a new chemistry building that provides each lab worker with their own office, full-length bench, sink, fume hood, and a panoramic view of the Seattle skyline and Olympic mountains. We also have our own cold room, equipment lab, radiosynthesis lab, chemical stockroom fitted with ventilated storage cabinets, and tissue culture lab. We share a conference room with a few other research groups on our floor.

Molecular Biology:

PCR Machines

DNA Sequencer

UV screen/photography unit

Air shakers/incubators

Multiple gel devices and power supplies


Prep. & Ultra Centrifuges

5 Biocompatible HPLCs

2 FPLC Systems

2 Spectrofluorimeters

3 Spectrophotometers

Stopped-flow spectrofluorimeter/CD

Scintillation counter

pH Meters

Milli-Q water system

Recording pH-stat

Low temp. freezer

Silicon Graphics Workstation with stereo display

Cell Biology:

Laminar flow hood

CO2 Incubators

Liquid N2 Storage Dewars

Live cell confocal microscopy

Cell microinjection system

Organic Synthesis:

Solvent purification system

Rotary evaporators


Argon-vacuum double manifolds

Gas chromatograph

Full set of glassware for each worker

6 ft hood for each worker



Facilities in the Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry:

The following are items available for "hands-on" use by lab members:

Several high field, multi-nuclear NMR spectrometers (including 500 and 750 MHz); several FT-IR spectrometers; circular dichroism spectrophotometer, polarimeter, high-resolution UV/vis and linear diode array UV/vis spectrophotometers; fluorescence spectrophotometers; mass spectrometers (electro-spray, chemical ionization, electron-impact ionization); peptide, DNA, and RNA synthesizers; ozonator; hydrogenation equipment; fully-staffed machine and electronics shop; student machine shop; several laser printers and xerox machines; lecture room computer screen display systems; digital scanners; Silicon-Graphics work station lab; micro-vax cluster computer system; two Convex computer systems; Chemistry and Biochemistry Departmental libraries (including on-line Chemical Abstracts searching capability); indoor bicycle storage room.

Additional On-Campus Facilities:

The following are available to all lab members:

two DNA and peptide synthesis facilities; machine DNA sequencer; machine protein sequencer; capillary electrophoresis equipment; micro-calorimeter; facilities for maintenance of live animals; monoclonal antibody production facility; confocal and electron microscopes; on-campus parking; one of the largest health-sciences libraries in the US; intramural activities center (swimming, indoor tennis courts, squash courts, sailing and rowing, etc...); Additional facilities at the University of Washington are listed at the World Wide Web site.

Please feel free to contact Professor Gelb if you have any questions about the program or if you want to discuss research areas in more detail.


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