Gary Martin

Gary D. Martin

Lecturer of Biblical Hebrew
and Ancient Near Eastern Studies

Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization
University of Washington, Seattle, WA


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Miscellaneous Papers and Notes

Textual Studies

Angles on Jonah: Five Approaches to the Study of the Text of Jonah (pdf)

Polyglot Trial: Micah 1 (MT, LXX, V) (html link)

Ring Composition and Related Phenomena in Herodotus (pdf)

Ring Composition Addendum: P Oxy 3376 and Herodotus 2.100.2: An Elaborate Chiasmus? (pdf)

Tefillin (Phylacteries): My Attempt to Recreate a Qumran Phylactery Text (html link)


Distance-Luminosity Relationships of Stars in the Constellation Cygnus (html link)

Milky Way and Precession (html link)


Mathematical and Scientific and "Miscalculations" in Lucretius' De Rerum Natura, Book I (pdf)


Raqi'a: Form and Function of the "Firmament" as a Celestial limes/limen in Israelite Cosmology (pdf)


Handel's Messiah: The First Measure. Double-Dot Convention: Yes or No? (html link)

Music Notation Font Design: Technical Specifications for Note Head Font Design
(html link) [Click here for pdf]