Expansion Flows:

Pressure Drop - Thin Thin Swe

Recirculation length and Recovery Length - Jeremy Vanburen

Microfluidics - Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Ch. E. 499 - Spring, 2006

Supervised by Professor Emeritus Bruce A. Finlayson

Department of Chemical Engineering - University of Washington

Dan, Karl, Nick, Bruce, Jeremy, ThinThin, Steve

Contraction Flows:

Analysis of Errors with Mesh Refinement - Abhi Banerjee

Optical measurements:

Effect of 2D velocity profiles

Nick Tapias

This web site is dedicated to providing coorelations and design information for laminar flow, thus augmenting the extensive information available for turbulent flow. Most microfluidic devices involve laminar flow and diffusion. The students mentioned here were Dreyfus Undergraduate Research Scholars at the University of Washington, under the Senior Mentor Program awarded to Professor Finlayson by the

Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation, Inc.

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Ch.E. 499, Autumn, 2006

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Pressure drop correlations:

Diffusion and mixing:


Microjet Device - Steve Tian Huang

Swagelok NeSSI Device - Dan Yates

Modified Venturi Meter - Karl Fincken