Economics 422: Investment, Capital, and Finance

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Study Guide for Midterm and Final Exam

The final exam will cover all the material from the course syllabus. The final exam will be concept oriented but there will also be some calculation involved so bring a calculator. I will not ask you to do proofs or long derivations. The best place to start your studying is with the homework assignments and with Professor Park's previous exams. Solutions for the homework assignments are on the homework page. Check the Notes page for updates of the class lecture notes.

The exams will be closed book and closed note exam. However, I will allow one page (double sided) of handwritten or typed notes

Professor Park's Econ 422 Exams

Eric Zivot's Previous Exams

Topics to be covered for the Midterm

  • Material on syllabus through 8/6.

Topics to be emphasized on the Final Exam

  • The exam is comprehensive, but will focus on the course material not covered on the midterm.