BPOL 509 Spring 2006 Class Page

Emer Dooley emer@u.washington.edu

Office Hours: M/W 12:30-1:20pm and 5:30-6:10pm on Wednesdays or anytime if you email me.

Mackenzie 250.


Phone 206 369 7248



·        1:30 Class

·        6:15 Class

Post your business idea to share with classmates

Post your entrepreneur interview to share with classmates

Book Recommendations



Class Slides

Scott Lipsky

Fred Crosetto

John O’Halloran



·        Requirements for Entrepreneur Interview

·        Five questions you should ask when joining a startup (from great entrepreneurs)

·        Examples of some “Best ideas” from last year

·        Example of “Assessing a business” assignment

·        Format for Business Proposal

Useful Local Organizations for entrepreneurs

·        Northwest Entrepreneur Network

·        MIT Forum

·        WSA (Wahington Software Association)

Useful Links


INC. Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine

MIT Technology Review



Bizstats.com for some average operating costs



Some Varied reading

Breaking the Ice: Rethinking Telecommunications Law for the Digital Age


Entrepreneurial Deathtraps


Linux Inc.: Business Week Special Feb 2005


Think Your Job Can't Be Sent to India? Just Watch: Surgery gets outsourced


Statistics for Electronic Transactions: Fascinating


The magic that makes Google tick: Back-end technology at Google