Interviewing an Entrepreneur


Goal: To come away with an understanding of what it takes to start and build a company, on a personal level on the part of the entrepreneur and operationally.

Get in the habit of never leaving a good opportunity like this without getting two other contacts that will be useful in the future.


Paper should be 2-4 pages and include:


  1. History of the entrepreneur: Experience, education and path to current position.
  2. Origin of the business. Where the business idea came from. Previous job? Hobby? Serendipity?
  3. Resources required. How much money did it require? How did the entrepreneur get the money? If other people put money in how was that structured? What sort of company did they set up (Partnership, LLC, S-corp, C-corp?)
  4. Customer: Who is the customer? How did the entrepreneur get (or plan to get) the first few customers?
  5. Hurdles: What were the biggest hurdles to date? How did he/she overcome them?
  6. Future: What are the future goals for the firm.
  7. Networking: Get two other contacts and their contact information to follow up on some aspect of your talk. This information is required.