Great ideas

Coolest products introduced in the last year.

Intellifit: In 10 seconds, Intellifit uses a totally safe radio wave to collect numerous, accurate measurements of your body -- while you remain fully clothed.

Self-heating cans Buy a latte off the grocery shelf.

Frozen gourmet dinners for two

Organic food to go

Light-emitting concrete   Apparently has glass fibers embedded in it to allow the light through.

Braingate Allows the brain to communicate with artificial limbs

$100 PC

Retail Health Clinics

Pre-fab office construction

Judy’s Book Judy's Book is the world's only Word of Mouth community — a place for families and friends to swap local tips with people they trust.

skype Free Voice over IP (VOIP)

US Post Office; Self service mail 24 hours a day

Netflix Who can live without it?

Sirius Satellite Radio

iPod shuffle: Lots of votes

Signal wireless Track your kid by GPS

Cardionet Monitor heart patients remotely

Sony PSP: You have to play with one of these! Very cool.

Google desktop search Find your email, files, media, web history and chats instantly

Spaceship one

LED light bulbs that last 50,000 hours

Addidas thinking shoes

Lance Armstrong Bracelet

Oakley Thump Sunglasses Glasses with MP3 player

Caller ID 6.0 As you get forgetful it reminds when your family member last called online shoestore. Why Jennifer Nichols has the best shoes in class

Cypack Intelligent pill boxes that buzz you when you need to take a pill

Sling Media Turn your laptop or internet device into a personal television.

Sonoprep Painless drug delivery using ultrasound

Oral HIV Test

Fire Protection Fluid Dip a laptop in it and it still works

DVD/CD protectors Plastic skin to protect disks that can be left on while it plays

Microwave with round door: To accommodate pizza!

Tictac2 One handed magnetic clips

Liquidmetal Twice the strength of titanium and as easily processed as plastic Only one product a day –interesting e-commerce idea

Ossur Power knee Superior replacement knee. Adjusts on the fly

Cold heat soldering iron Soldering iron that heats to 800F in 1 sec, cools in 3 sec

Google maps Satellite image based mapping

Shopping Robot for the Blind RFID technology

Sundreamer sand pillow A vinyl pillowcase to put sand in. (I kid you not)

Emergency underwear