l      The Origin and Evolution of New Business by Amar Bhide

°     Inc 500 and entrepreneurship model used in class

l      Radicals & Visionaries: Entrepreneurs Who Revolutionized the 20th Century,by Wawro

°     Great 2-3 page stories on your favorite entrepreneurs

l      A whole new mind, Daniel Pink

°     Creativity. Why the MFA is the new MBA. Intriguing.

l      Startup by Jerry Kaplan

°     Hilarious story of pen computing and GO corporation

l      High Tech Startup, Nesheim

°     Soup to nuts on what it takes to do a technology startup. A must-read if youíre doing a tech. startup.

l      Built to Last. Collins and Porras and Good to Great.

°     Must-read. Everybody refers to them. What makes great enduring companies and how to avoid mediocrity.

l      The Art of the Start, Guy Kawasaki

°     Read it but donít buy it.

l      22 immutable laws of marketing, Ries and Trout

°     All you need to know about marketing in a paperback. Vital for non b. school people.

l      Money from Thin Air, Casey Corr

°     The story of Mc Caw & foundation of the cellular industry

l      Making the Cisco connection, David Bunnell

°     Story of Cisco

l      Nokia Revolution, Dan Steinbock

°     History from Timber to phones

l      The billion dollar molecule, Barry Werth

°     Vertex: Thriller, novel science book. Great look at startups in biotech and the pharmaceutical world

l      The Attackers Advantage and Creative Destruction by Foster; Foster and Kaplan

°     Why the attacker usually wins and incumbents die.

l      The Innovatorís Dilemma/Solution Clayton Christensen

°     Paradigm shifts and the death of incumbents

l      Information Rules by Shapiro and Varian.

°     Fantastic book on network externalities, dynamics of competition in information industries and why the rules of economics havenít changed

l      Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore

°     The one high-tech marketing book youíll be expected to have read. A classic.

l      Mastering the dynamics of Innovation by Utterback

°     Great stories on histories of innovation, technology curves, dominant design etc.

l      Forbes greatest technology stories

l      They all laughed, Ira Flatow

°     Stories behind great inventions

l      Fast food nation, Eric Schlosser

°     Bestseller read on agricultural/food industry and food franchising

l      Fire someone today, Bob Pritchett

°     The first chapter is great on why you need to get rid of people who donít fit. Borrow the book; donít buy it.