Lecture Outlines

Note: The outlines here are those for the version of this course taught in Winter 2004, until the new (2005) outlines have been produced. As the old outlines are replaced, the dates will be changed to the current year. Probably in most cases what has been covered in the past will be similar to that which will be covered in lecture this year. The outlines may each cover material presented over more than a single class period. Dates are generally those when the outline was first introduced.

January 3, 2005. Introduction

January 5, 2005. Geography and Travel

January 7, 2005. Pastoral Nomads.

January 14, 2005. The Beginnings of the Silk Road: Han Relations with Inner Asia

January 19, 2005. The Crossroads of Civilizations.

January 21, 2005. Indian Buddhism and Its Spread to China. Prof. Kyoko Tokuno.

January 26, 2005. The Sogdians

January 28, 2005. The Transmission of Buddhism and Its Reception in China

February 4, 2005. Rome's Relations with the East.

February 9, 2005. China and the West, especially under the T'ang

February 11, 2005. The Rise of Islam and the Muslim conquest of Central Asia

February 18, 2005. Inner Asia Long Before Chingis Khan (I): The Türks, Tibetans, and Uighurs

February 23, 2005. Beyond the Great Wall in the 9th-11th Centuries: The Tanguts (Xi Xia), Khitan (Qidan)/Liao, and Jin/Jurchen.